XMAS: I Admire How Much An Igbo Man Loves Home

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A social media user Mr Amechi Beluolisa who resides in Asaba the capital city of Delta State has expressed how he admires the love every Igbo son and daughters have for their birthplace during the festive season.

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He wrote

“If I weren’t an Igbo man, I will still admire how an Igbo man loves home.”

“The roads leading to the Eastern part of Nigeria are always the busiest roads at the end of the year.”

“That there’s no money is not for an Igbo man who want to go home.”

“There’s a reason Igbo people travel from various parts of the country and even from outside the country back home for traditional wedding, burial or family reunion.”

“Ndị Igbo will travel to any part of the world and still find their way back home.”

“Ndị Igbo will build different houses outside but will find a way back home to the gated house locked since January.”

“It was home that shielded Innocent Chukwuma(Innoson) when he took GTB to court over 8.9billion debt and instead of paying him, arrest warrant was issued by the federal high Court.
Why? Criminal charges. Innoson company would have been a history if it wasn’t situated at home.”

“Onyebuchi Robert Anwatu Jnr(Roban stores) have stores in Enugu and Abakaliki. Immediately Roban store opened in Nnewi. Guess what was said to him?”

“Akụ gị elugo ụlọ”

“You get to the Niger bridge and you will be welcomed with Igbo words like”


“Leaving the bridge, you will be reminded to keep your head high with words written by the sides of the bridge”

“Nwanne gaba na iru”
“Echefula ebe isi”
And more.

“A home is not just a house to onye Igbo. It is their root, soil, safe haven and identity.”

“A home is non-negotiable for onye Igbo.”

“I’m wishing y’all safe journey back home and I pray you have peace and happiness in your homes.”

“May y’all come back safely too maka na eje alo bụ íshí ije”… 🙏🙏🙏