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Why PayPal Stock Fell At It’s Lowest Point In 20 Months

It isn’t business as usual as it has reported that the PayPal Stock had fallen to it’s lowest point in 20 months.

Recently, PayPal stock is battling with it’s worst profit level since March, 2020

as it’s turnovers were much less than expected despite it’s strength in the Labour market.

According to reports from CNBC, the shares of the payment company reduced by 12% and this is the lowest point since the first quarter of Last year, 2020.

The investors of PayPal are not really interested in the partnership between the company and other top US companies like Venmo and Amazon.

The PayPal shares was reported to have dropped following the pandemic problems which created rising concerns on how the

consumers spendings would be shaped and affected if the COVID related problems increases further.

The investors in PayPal were currently trying to improve and expand other the earnings of the company following the recent losses recorded.


In order to boost turnovers and increase the profits, the PayPal company are beginning to take serious deals with Amazon Company and Venmo and they board are optimistic it would yield more results.

The Company had recently announced that from 2022, PayPal users would be able to make purchases directly from and in this way, users without PayPal accounts would be able to utilise this opportunity and make direct payment through the payment company.

However, that optimism quickly faded during the earnings call, when PayPal CEO Dan Schulman gave guidance for next year.

PayPal Company

The PayPal company explained that the PayPal Stock is expected to increase by 18% next year, 2022 and this would possibly generate an estimated sum of 30 billion dollars.

Dan Schulman, the CEO of the company explained that the PayPal Stock dropped due to weakened confidence from the users as a result of the unsatisfied services.

Dan further stated that it would be necessary for the company to improve following the reopening of the economy and the possibility of people shopping online as a result of the upcoming Christmas holiday.

Despite the recent losses, business analyst revealed that the strength of Company is still strong in the market and the PayPal Stock could rise in no time if it’s management use any available chances to increase it’s shares.

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