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Why I Punched My Colleague In The Parliament – Kenyan Lawmaker John Mbadi

John Mbadi, the National Assembly minority leader who represents Suba South in Kenya’s Parliament, has explained why he punched his colleague, Benard Koros, in the eyes during a plenary session.

Lawmaker John Mbadi told reporters that it was his colleague that hit him first as they were discussing a controversial Political Parties Amendment Bill on the floor of the house.

The case led to a serious problem in the house as a live video showed lawmakers throwing punches and bottles of water at each other.

The minority leader also had a five-day suspension from plenary sessions because of the incident.

“MP Koros wanted to vote for a member who was absent, and the clerk had advised him that he could not vote for him. Even the chairman told him the same thing.” I later told him to leave because time was running out. He said.

“The honourable member later charged at me and, in the process, bit my finger.” What do you expect me to do? Should I have sat down looking like he was biting me? If he receives the same thing back as defence, it is okay. “

The minority leader added that it is wrong for the temporary Speaker, Christopher Omulele (Luanda), to suspend him from sittings as processes are supposed to be followed before suspending a lawmaker.

The Sigowet/Soin legislator, whose face was stained with complaints about the Speaker, said he was attacked by Mbadi during the session.

Mr. Speaker, I have been attacked in the House by the master of violence in this House. It is very wrong that I could be injured by an honourable house Mr. Speaker. “He said

Benard Koros, a colleague, said he does not deserve to be attacked in the House for doing his job as a Member of Parliament.

“Mr. Speaker, I deserve to vote like other members. I cannot be attacked for carrying out my duty,” he added.

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