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Why Africans Should Stop Reproducing – Prince Williams

When it comes to bearing children, African residents are good at this and this had made a British Duke, Prince Williams had say that Africans Should Stop Reproducing to conserve the wildlife in the continent.

Prince William, who happens to be the Duke of Cambridge,  pointed out that the increase

in the level of childbirth had sparked overpopulation
in the African continent and because of this,

the wildlife had been affected negatively as their habitat would be converted into residential, industrial or agricultural sites.

Mr William made his comments while speaking at a ceremony hosted by the Tusk Trust,

charity organizations tasked with the stability of wildlife in the African continent.

As Prince Williams said that Africans Should Stop Reproducing, he made the following statement:-

“ The human population explosion in the African soil is currently exerting enormous pressure on nature most especially,

the wildlife and this is why Africans Should Stop Reproducing rapidly to control this issue once and for all”.

” In our modern society, we had experienced a sharp decline in the wildlife growth due to unchecked expansion of the human population”.

” As the human population expands rapidly, more lands are needed and this leads to taking over of wildlife habitat”.

The population of Africa is expected to increase to over 3 million people every month

and scientists are speculating that by the Year, 2050, the African population size would double.

Prince William explained that after the global debate held at the Climate Change Conference (COP26) in the city of Glasgow, Scotland,

it was necessary to see the environment, conservation and climate change in the same way and not in isolation.”

Back in 2017, Prince Williams had spoken on the population explosion in Africa and according to People’s Gazette,

he told the Tusk Trust’s charity organizations that global wildlife populations had dropped by 50%,

since the late 19th century and the African continent which is blessed with natural Flora

and Fauna is witnessing a drop in its wildlife at an alarming rate due to human population expansion.

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