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Vietnam Visa Covid – Vietnam Entry Permit

Need to get a Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam in Covid time? This is exactly where you get started.

Covid 19’s arrival has made everything changed, from the economic policies to entry policies of countries around the world, including Vietnam.

All the commercial flights to Vietnam have been suspended since March 2020, and it’s great that the Vietnam’s authority has currently released the plan to open Vietnam’s borders for tourism together with some pilot inbound plans for international tourists. Please keep you updated of the plan and the flight schedule here.

In addition, the Vietnam’s authorities still allow diplomats, other countries’ government officials, foreign investors, foreign experts, skilled workers, and their family members, and foreign students to enter the country with a special Vietnam Entry Permit.

In this post, we will guide you through:

  1. What is exactly Vietnam entry permit in Covid 19?
  2. Who is eligible for Vietnam entry permit in Covid 19?
  3. What are Vietnam entry permit requirements?
  4. How to get Vietnam entry permit in Covid 19?
  5. What to do after getting Vietnam entry permit?
  6. FAQs

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1. What is Vietnam Entry Permit in Covid 19?

Vietnam entry permit (also known as Vietnam entry approval, Vietnam visa covid approval letter, or Vietnam expert visa approval letter) is a special permit issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department to allow its holder to enter Vietnam, stay in quarantine at a registered hotel, and then remain in Vietnam for a certain period of time.

It is now required to all foreigners who wish to enter Vietnam no matter they have a valid visa to Vietnam or Vietnam temporary residence card and must be obtained before their departure for Vietnam.

The entry permit for Vietnam will cover the following information:

  • Personal details of the foreign experts to enter Vietnam;
  • Name and address of the inviting company;
  • Granted entry and exit date of the Vietnam entry permit holder; and
  • Place of issue of the Vietnam visa, which can be the Vietnam embassy/consulate in foreign country or the Vietnam international airport, depending on the request.

Here is a sample of the Vietnam entry permit in Covid 19.

Sample Vietnam entry Permit
Sample Vietnam entry Permit

Note for Vietnam vaccine passport policy:

Although certain countries in Vietnam apply the vaccine passport policy which exempts their entrants from on-arrival Covid test and/or quarantine, Vietnam entrants with a vaccine passport are still subject to 7-day concentrated quarantine. The Vaccine passport policy in Vietnam is regularly tracked and updated here.

2. Who are Eligible for Vietnam Entry Permit?

As stated by the Vietnam Immigration Department, Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam here, the following persons are allowed to apply for an entry permit for Vietnam:

  1. Foreigners being diplomats, other countries’ government officials, and their family members;
  2. Foreigners being investors, foreign experts, skilled workers (herein after referred to experts) their family members, and
  3. Foreigner being students to enter Vietnam for study.

The requirements and how to get Vietnam entry permits for foreign experts and their family members are as follows.

3. Vietnam Entry Permit Requirements

In order to get a Vietnam entry permit, the following requirements should be met:

  • The foreign experts have a sponsor company in Vietnam, it means that they have a company to work in Vietnam which will be responsible for all the paperwork and obtaining the permit for the foreigners’ entry into Vietnam.
  • The employers have all required papers for Vietnam entry permit including approval by the Department of Health, approval by the Provincial People’s Committee.

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4. How to Get Vietnam Entry Permit

Getting an entry permit for Vietnam involves a complicated procedure in which the foreign experts and their sponsor companies should work together to complete the following steps:

Step 1: Applying for approval of demand on using foreign workers

The sponsor company shall prepare required documents and submit them to the Industrial Park Management Board or the Department of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs of the province in which the sponsor company is located.

It will then receive the approval for demand on using foreign workers.

Step 2: Applying for approval from the Provincial People’s Committee

In this step, the sponsor company shall submit the original approval of demand on using foreign workers obtained in step 1 and other required documents to the People’s Committee of the province in which the sponsor company is located.

It will then receive the approval letter which allows the involved foreigners to enter Vietnam to work.

Step 3: Applying to approval from the Department of Health

In this step, the sponsor company will need to prepare:

  • Photo of the approval by the PPC,
  • Quarantine plan (see sample form here),
  • Commitment to follow the regulations on Covid 19 prevention and fighting (see sample form here),
  • Copy of vaccine passport (consular legalization for Vietnam if required).

It will then receive the approval letter from the Department of Health approving the quarantine of foreigners upon their arrival in Vietnam.

Step 4: Applying for Vietnam entry permit

In this step, the sponsor company will need to prepare:

  • Scan of valid passport of the involved foreigner(s);
  • Scan of his/her/their valid visa for Vietnam or Vietnam temporary residence card (if any);
  • Scan of his/her/their diplomas or 3 or 5-years working experience certificate (if any);
  • Application for Vietnam entry permit (form NA2 or the print out of the form completed here to;
  • Certified copy of business registration certificate, investment certificate;
  • Certified copy of Tax Code Registration Certificate;
  • Document introducing the seal and signature of the organization’s competent person (Form NA16);
  • Power of attorney in case of authorized submission + ID card/TRC of the submitter;
  • Original or certified copy of the approval letter of the People Committee of the Province/City where the foreign expert is expected to work;
  • Quarantine accommodation booking confirmation by 3 or 4* hotel;
  • Covid insurance or medical coverage commitment by the inviting company in case of the foreign expert’s getting Covid.
  • Flight details if entering Vietnam via airport (including Flight Number, Flight Itinerary, and arrival airport). In case they are unknown at the time of submission, please notify the Immigration Department immediately after they are available.

After that, the sponsor company will submit those documents to the Vietnam Immigration Department, Ministry of Public Security at the following addresses:

  • In Hanoi: 44-46 Tran Phu, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
  • In HCMC: 333-335-337 Nguyen Trai, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

The Vietnam entry permit will be issued after 3 working days of full receipt of required documents by the Immigration Department.

Step 5: Informing relevant authorities

After getting the Vietnam entry permit, the sponsor company will need to inform the Department of Health and other relevant authorities to prepare all the things for the entry of the involved foreigners.

This is the entire process to apply for a Vietnam entry permit (Vietnam visa covid) for foreign experts. However, please keep in mind that the procedure may vary from province to province.

5. What to Do After Getting Vietnam Entry Permit

After getting the Vietnam entry permit, the sponsor company will need to make all things ready to welcome the foreigners to Vietnam, while the foreigners need to get visa stamped at the local Vietnam embassy/consulate or at Vietnam airport upon their arrival at the border gate unless they have a valid temporary residence card for Vietnam.

The foreigners then need to follow this Vietnam entry procedure to complete their process of getting into Vietnam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. At the moment, due to Covid 19, all foreigners wishing to enter Vietnam are required to have an entry permit.

In case you have a valid temporary residence card for Vietnam, you will be exempted from the Vietnam visa stamping process at Vietnam airport upon your arrival.

Yes. If you wife are traveling with you and your company agree to sponsor her entry, we can assist both of you to get entry permits for Vietnam.

In this case, you will get a DN visa and your wife will get a TT/VR visa for Vietnam.

No, at the moment, you cannot get the entry permit without the sponsor company.

There are some companies offering your sponsor for entry permit. However, we highly recommend your consideration before using their service as it’s not a legal way to enter Vietnam.

There are so many sources to find a job in Vietnam. After getting the job offer, just check whether the company is willing to sponsor your entry into Vietnam or not.

In case they agree, just let us know, we will work with them on your behalf and guide them how to get your entry permit for Vietnam.

No. Due to the complicated development of Covid 19, Vietnam entry permit is now available for business purposes only, as such you cannot get a Vietnam tourist visa in Covid time with this letter.

Here is the full guide on Vietnam entry permit in Covid 19. Should you need Vietnam entry permit service, feel free to let us via +84.946.583.583, or or complete the form below.

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