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Video: Scientists Discovers 66 Million Year Old Dinasour Egg

According to Aljazeera a group of Scientists found a fossilized Dinasour Egg which was assumed to be approximately 66 million years old.

Embryo discovered in a fossilized Dinasour Egg on China

The fossil was discovered in the City of Ganzhou, in the southern province of China and according to the scientists, the eggs belonged to species of Dinasour known as a “Toothless theropod dinosaur, or oviraptorosaur, which the researchers called “ Baby Yingliang”.

and the embryo in the egg was seen as the best in the history of science.

A Chinese Scientist knew as Ma and his colleagues discovered that  Baby Yingliang’s head lay below its body, a posture which can only be found in birds.

Oviraptorosaur specie of Dinasour

This discovery made by Mr Ma and his colleagues assume that the method in which modern birds hatch and grow could have originated from ancient Dinasours and the position of the embryos in the eggs, the Dinasours failed to hatch successfully which eventually led to their death.

The Dinasour species known as Oviraptorosaurs is the dinosaur that possessed Feathers that once lived in the North American and Asian continents during the period of the Late Cretaceous.

Embryo ( Baby Yingliang) found in the 66 million Year Old Dinasour Egg

The discovered embryo which was called “Baby Yingliang” measures about 27cm (10.6 inches) long from head to tail and lies inside a 17cm- (6.6 inch)-long egg at the Yingliang Stone Nature History Museum in Ganzhou.

Scientists who earlier reported that the Dinasour Egg could be about 66 million years old added that the egg could have been buried in mud and this helped it withstand harsh conditions and if it grew into an adult, it would be a herbivore (plant-feeding animal).

Studies revealed that the structure, shape and arrangements of the Dinasour Egg and embryo are the same as that of the birds we know today and pointed out that the birds could have evolved from the Oviraptorosaurs species of ancient Dinasours which have feathers on their bodies.


Further studies have been launched into the study of the newly discovered Dinasour egg and its embryo and this discovery is expected to erase any doubt on the existence of Dinosaurs on earth.

Scientists are optimistic that more information about the Oviraptorosaurs species of Dinosaurs would be extracted as the plan to study its skeleton structure and the species is related to birds.

Video: Scientists discovers 66 million Year old Dinasour Egg

Video: Scientists Discovers 66 million Year old Dinasour Egg

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