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Top Tech Companies’ Secrets to Hiring the Best People

Top Tech Companies’ Secrets to Hiring the Best People
Top Tech Companies
Top Tech Companies

Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon etc., each of these major tech firms receives over a quadrillion resumes per year. So it’s reasonable to say they have an excellent system in place for selecting the best job seekers. But what exactly is it?

It’s not that list of popular Google interview questions you Googled. In reality, their meticulous hiring procedure extends much beyond simple questions like algorithms and quantum mechanics.

If you want to hire the best top tech talent in the world, use one of these secret hiring tactics.

Begin phone screens 15 minutes early, 15 minutes late, or not at all

WHY? To discover people who are always prepared to work. When you phone them at the scheduled time, anyone can answer a series of tough questions. But what if you contact them when they’re still sleeping, in Zumba class, or using the restroom? This is how top tech firms identify workers who are ready to work at any time.

Make the interview schedule as confusing and unpredictable as possible

WHY? To locate folks who do not require instructions Make sure neither the interviewers nor the interviewees know what will happen during the interview. This is an excellent predictor of who will do best when no one knows what’s going on.

Make sure something goes wrong during the presentation

WHY? To see how the candidate handles less-than-ideal situations.

Set up the candidate’s presentation in a place where the equipment isn’t working, which is most likely any room.

If the candidate can roll with the punches and doesn’t mind adjusting, it’s a positive sign she’ll be a pleasure to work with.

Candidates that have a Plan B, Plan C, and Plan D are granted extra points, which comes in handy in the tech field.

During the interview, make a ton of incorrect assumptions

WHY? To exclude candidates who are easily irritated

If the candidate’s most recent position was at Twitter, ask, “How long were you at Yahoo!?”

Take note of the tone with which the candidate corrects you. Is he a jerk about it, or does he maintain his cool?

When the shit hits the fan, this is how tech businesses discover out what a candidate is like to deal with.

Ask the candidate to solve your own, specific problems

WHY? Because you are in desperate need of assistance with this issue.

Candidates are frequently asked to solve real-world challenges that tech organizations are currently dealing with.

This is an excellent approach to obtain some free assistance with those issues.

Have the interview frequently move between different rooms

WHY? to locate people who are still excited even when they are in a bad situation

Never allow your job candidates to become too relaxed during the interview.

This is how you locate folks who are overly thrilled while also getting around the issue that there were no conference rooms accessible for the entire day.

Ask the same questions over and over and over again

WHY? To evaluate consistency

Predictability is a positive trait in the tech sector. Don’t be concerned about asking the same question over and over because you keep blanking out during the interview.

This is an excellent tool for determining a candidate’s consistency. When interviewing for senior positions, candidates should only be extremely contradictory in their replies.

Conduct dual interviews with a good cop / bad cop vibe

WHY? To locate those who can multitask while under duress.

Place the candidate in the center of a conference room, with interviewers on either side of the table.

Is the candidate able to concentrate her attention on both interviewers at the same time while adequately answering each question?

Or is she visibly fatigued and wondering why she consented to this interview in the first place?

This is a good predictor of how the candidate will perform under pressure.

Ask a question, then start typing very loudly

WHY? To locate people who can stay focused in the face of distractions. Pose a question to the candidate. Then, as soon as he begins to respond, begin typing loudly.

Apologize and explain that you’re “just listening and taking notes.” It doesn’t matter if you’re taking notes or drafting an email to your estranged father.

Check to see if the candidate can stay focused on the question or if he becomes distracted.

This will assist you in finding applicants that do not allow little distractions to prevent them from completing the work.

3 months later, call and offer the candidate a job she didn’t apply for

WHY? to locate people who are tenacious

This is an excellent method for weeding out folks who clearly did not want the job in the first place.

Is the candidate willing to go the extra mile to get the job?

Is he accepting the offer because he believes it is the best he can get?

Or does he turn it down since he already has another employment, which he found months ago?

This strategy is a good method to figure it out.


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