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Three Signs Of Chest Pain You May Think Is Heart Attack And What May Be Causing It

Bring your breath in and out slowly. Often, the problem isn’ t as serious as you think it is. While some chest pain symptoms can be frightening and upsetting, they are unlikely to indicate a heart attack in the majority of cases. We’ ll go over some of those signs and symptoms and discuss what they could mean for you.

However, there is one thing to keep in mind: never assume that chest pain is unimportant or unimportant. Heart attacks are extremely dangerous and should be treated as such. Any chest pain should be taken seriously because it could result in death. Don’ t dismiss it out of hand.

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You may be wondering how you can tell if your chest pain is serious. Some types of chest pain should be taken to the emergency room, particularly if they persist for more than five minutes.

Shortness of breath, a cold sweat, nausea, exhaustion, and lightheadedness are all possible symptoms of new or unexplained chest pain. The pain, pressure, or discomfort that radiates from your chest may be felt in the following areas:

– Arms and ammunition.

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– Jaw clenching.

– The neck.

– The upper abdomen.

A heart attack or myocardial infarction, according to experts, it is characterized by persistent and intense pain, particularly in specific areas of the body.

Symptoms that indicate the presence of another problem

The vast majority of the time, chest pain does not indicate a heart attack is taking place. Following an examination of emergency room visits, it was discovered that only about 6 percent of those who complained of chest pain had a potentially life- threatening heart condition.

A few examples of chest pain that do not typically result in a heart attack diagnosis are provided below:

The sensation of discomfort in the chest for a brief period of time

When you’ re sipping coffee at the kitchen table, you feel a sharp pain in your chest that feels like lightning. It’ s abrupt, quick, and stabbing in its delivery. A few seconds pass before the sensation, which many people compare to that of receiving an electrical shock, returns.

What’ s the good news, you might ask? A quick zap is rarely indicative of a heart attack, which is characterized by excruciating agony that lasts for several minutes and is life- threatening.

Temporary chest pain is more likely to be caused by the following conditions:

Rib injuries, such as fractured or bruised ribs, are among the most common.

– A pulled muscle in your chest wall that is causing discomfort.

It is possible to have inflammation of the cartilage in your ribs.

– Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain condition.

– Shingles are a type of roofing material.

Identify the source of chest discomfort

With every deep inhale or cough, you feel a sharp pain in your chest. Changing positions and moving around does not seem to improve the situation at all.

In the event that this describes your symptoms, you are most likely dealing with a lung issue. This is significantly more likely to occur if the pain is located on the right side of your chest, away from your heart. A number of factors could be at play, including the following:

The flu, a respiratory illness, or another type of illness

– Inflammation of the lining of the lungs’ interior (pleurisy).

– A blood clot in one or both of your lungs.

– An attack of asthma.

Despite the fact that these lung problems are not indicative of a heart attack, they are severe enough to warrant a visit to your doctor.

Discomfort that subsides as a result of physical activity

It’ s possible that you have heartburn (acid reflux) or another gastrointestinal problem if you experience sharp discomfort in your chest that gets better as you move.

Heartburn, which causes a burning sensation in the chest and a foul taste in the throat, affects an estimated 1. 5 million Nigerians every day. It may be necessary to take an over- the- counter antacid.

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