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A social media user by name Victor Wallace Unegbu has expressed his opinion on what the Phrase “FOR BETTER FOR WORSE IN MARRIAGE” means in marriage.

He wrote

“The above statement has over the years been attributed to the state a marital relationship is supposed to be.”

“My duty this morning is not to argue or do thorough dialysis of the phrase rather I want to use the phrase to remind us of something very vital.”

“The phrase did not say “for BEST for Worst”

“So whenever your marriage or your spouse in your own assessment moves from the “BEST man/woman for me” to he or she is the worst human being on earth please gently pack up your bag and go.”

“You can’t be in any form of relationship with a man or woman whom in your private assessment is worse than a beast.”

“See don’t allow religion mess your happiness up.”

“Whenever your marriage moves from worse to worst please run away! Quit that relationship no matter how far you guys have gone.”

“Also let me define what the worse in a marital relationship is, because some persons came to my post to make very infantile comment about staying in an abusive marriage in the name of for better for worse.”

“Worse in marriage may include, childlessness, sexual inabilities, financial misfortune, very serious and protracted sickness, external family conflicts, bad cook, minor character misdemeanors, financial recklessness and irresponsibility separation due to work or as a therapy.”

“Worse in marriage does not include battering, maiming, stabbing, cheating especially with impunity, protracted denial of sex up to a year etc.”

“Anything beyond worse means the marriage has seized to exist whether you divorce officially or not.”

Written by: Victor Wallace Unegbu


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