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The Transgender Delusion and Widespread Effeminacy Will Lead to Totalitarianism

As a nation of economically dependent individuals depends upon a authorities for help, alms, and monetary help, a nation of weaklings and cowards, dependent upon the bodily safety of others, does the identical. Economic self-reliance is however one type of independence; there are different varieties. Physical security is one other type of independence, and an typically ignored and underconsidered one. People might look to energy/authority, sometimes governmental energy/authority, for each bodily and financial safety. People who don’t really feel protected and safe, those that cannot defend themselves or safeguard their very own rights and pursuits, usually tend to tolerate police state ways, mass surveillance, closely armed policemen, unthinkably intrusive legal guidelines, and so forth.

The social situation of widespread debility and pusillanimity can allow the expansion of a strong state, simply as variety can. Diverse societies are unstable and mistrusting societies. Mistrusting and unstable societies are societies that require a potentate to remain collectively and so as. Diversity, like widespread bodily weak spot, effeminacy, and timidity, is fertile soil for statism to take root and develop. Granted, these accustomed to violence, particularly the tough, the violent themselves, might tolerate statist ways as effectively, totally on account of their very own pure consolation with violence and brutality. However, they’re typically much less prone to crave such ways and want such ways in the identical approach that those that cannot put in their very own work will. Weaklings are infamous for loving cruelty within the service of their very own causes, and for preferring a extremely managed setting the place they’re protected, to a state of liberty.

While some would possibly argue that transgenderism masculates girls to the identical extent it emasculates males, thus resulting in no internet loss, this isn’t so. Women cannot be males. Not actually. Masculine girls, pumped up on male hormones or delusions of bodily power, will not be actually corresponding to males. A masculine girl, besides within the rarest of instances, is an inexpensive substitute for an actual man, as a female or “gender dysmorphic” man is an inexpensive substitute for an actual girl. A gender dysmorphic organic feminine cannot battle like a person and a gender dysmorphic organic male cannot breed like a girl. Both are principally lifeless weight all over the place however in Hollywood films. Thus, you actually simply lose women and men and by no means acquire any.

Ultimately, it’s tremendous to see transgenderism as a type of mass hysteria (suppose seventeenth Century Dutch “tulip mania”), as a result of it’s. And it’s tremendous to have an issue with academics normalizing transgenderism amongst the younger, these whose minds are plastic and whose identities are unformed, since they’re extremely impressionable and simply disoriented, and liable to be manipulated or deceived and led on errant paths to distress and smash. Just as it’s tremendous to see the proliferation of those that establish as transgender, and the normalization of this weird and delusional pathology, as a perform of the ethical nihilism and relativism that defines our instances. Indeed, one would possibly even argue that the variety of transgender folks is growing quickly for a similar motive that hate hoaxes, just like the current Jussie Smollett debacle, are growing quickly, particularly as a result of everybody desires to be a sufferer and everybody desires to benefit from the many advantages of victimhood. The self-same Cultural Marxist social forces are incentivizing these two unrelated phenomena.

Nevertheless, the normalization of transgenderism (and to a lesser extent homosexuality), serves one other objective, and we should not low cost that objective as being one other motivation leftist elites possess for normalizing this stuff and flooding us with incessant propaganda and conditioning regarding them. An effeminate and weak (and particularly a confused and delusional) inhabitants is extra inclined to look to authorities for safety. Thus, when the Cultural Marxist energy construction seeks to normalize these weird behaviors and pathologies, it not solely weakens the individuals, it strengthens itself.

A nation of weaklings and girlie males is an invite to statism and totalitarianism. The weak and cowardly cannot defend themselves. They won’t defend themselves. They will thus look to authorities for security and safety. This is probably going one other essential motive why the Cultural Marxists who rule over us are normalizing transgenderism and homosexuality, and now even calling masculinity itself “toxic”. They want a nation of damsels ever in misery. Damsels cannot defend themselves from exterior threats. They cannot defend themselves from minor threats posed by frequent, albeit violent criminals, who fancy themselves everlasting victims irrespective of what number of innocents they victimize, they usually particularly cannot defend themselves from tyrannical Marxist threats, which fancy themselves liberal democratic governments, irrespective of how intolerant or anti-democratic they’ve turn into.

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