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The 10 Greatest Pieces of Wisdom About Love, in One Place

Relationships are complicated. You could spend hours talking about the ins and outs of why relationships work for some people, while others struggle to make theirs last. Relationships can be hard work. But there are many benefits to being in a relationship, too.

For example, relationships provide support when you need it most—whether that’s emotional or physical support or just someone to keep your company.

  1. Love is a commitment

There are plenty of forms of love and there’s even a name for them: The Study found that love comes in two flavours: positive and relational.

  1. The Importance of Communication

But communication is only half of the equation. You’re also going to need to communicate well with your partner—whether it’s in regard to problems, or simply because you’re having a disagreement. You need to communicate with them even if you know they’ll never agree with you because communication is the single most important ingredient of a successful relationship.

For example, think back to when you were little and there were problems with your parents. Maybe there was some physical violence going on, or maybe there was just disagreement all the time. But the point is you were unable to talk to your parents, and no one was getting along.

It’s not always what you say, but how you say it.

Wondering if you should stop talking to your partner if they’re being a little bit too “jerky”? Think of it this way: are you arguing over who gets to finish dinner or over the fact that it’s time to do the dishes? Would you rather be the winner or the loser? Do you want to be the one to pick up the toys, or do you want your partner to do it? When you’re frustrated, it’s so tempting to want your partner to do something instead of you, but what happens when your partner doesn’t take the initiative? Do you shut them out or do you continue to try to help them?

“When a partner is having a hard time, it’s easy to want to fix the problem, but sometimes it’s better to step back and let your partner show you who they are.

  1. Falling in love is like a rollercoaster

Love can change you. For better and for worse. But regardless of the bumps along the way, there is one constant in every relationship.

“There’s a bump, and then you have a rollercoaster of a ride that keeps you on the edge of your seat,” says Joseph.

The ups and downs of relationships are rarely black and white. Love isn’t always perfect. Sometimes, love requires sacrifice. Sometimes it requires being a little selfless.

  1. Love hurts, but it’s worth it.

Feeling insecure can ruin a relationship, but having insecurity in a relationship also keeps your partner interested in you and invested in your happiness. If you have constant fights and your partner can’t stand your positive qualities, the romance and love will be gone in a heartbeat.

  1. Love is a roller coaster ride.

But there’s no other ride like love. A relationship requires sacrifice and patience. You have to work at it to make it work and be happy. If you’re expecting to be swept off your feet and rewarded in full when you finally marry, you’re dreaming.

  1. Relationships bring out the best in you and your partner.

Sure, everyone deserves the relationship they want and you want, but that doesn’t mean you and your partner will ever have that.

  1. We can’t have love without heartbreak

Still, there are some benefits to any relationship, be it your current one or the one you’re missing. What follows are some of the most valuable pieces of advice I have about relationships, in one place. Enjoy!

“No matter how big or how small, no relationship is perfect. All relationships come with their own set of challenges and feelings of disappointment, exhaustion, and dissatisfaction. The trick is not to give up on the relationship, but to make it work.” – Dr Randy Cale.

  1. This is what true love looks like

If you’re in a relationship, you may feel you’ve seen this before. You have your big fight. You’re annoyed. You do the silent treatment. You hate each other.

  1. Love doesn’t happen overnight

Sometimes love takes time to bloom, especially when you’re in a relationship with someone who you’ve known for a long time. Couples who make it work have to learn to value each other more and more each day, no matter what life throws at them. This can be a challenge for some couples, and there will always be moments that you struggle to connect. But you’ll be better able to accept these challenges as they come and learn to love each other more and more.

  1. Sometimes the best things in life are worth fighting for

Some people say that they can’t imagine their life without their significant other. This may sound like an exaggeration to you, but what if it wasn’t? What if every day was a struggle to get through? Sometimes love isn’t about what you get—it’s what you give.


We’ve covered the different types of love in relationships, and the different benefits that come with having a relationship. Now, with this list of 2 quotes about love, you’re ready to dive right into the best things about relationships and come out feeling inspired and confident to love and appreciate your partner even more.

  1. “Loving someone is never having to say you’re sorry.” ― Ben Williams
  2. “I believe that true love is like a candle. When it has a light, it begins to burn with all of the warmth, all of the intensity, and all of the ferocity of the actual flame, until nothing is left. It is then so great and strong that nothing can extinguish it.” ― Elizabeth Gilbert

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