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Tesla Recalls More Than 475,000 Cars Due To Camera And Trunk Problems

Tesla has announced that it will recall some 475,000 cars in the US, practically equivalent to all those it made last year, after detecting technical defects that can increase the risk of accidents. Specifically, the company plans to recall all Model 3 vehicles manufactured between 2017 and 2020, or 356,309 cars, along with 119,009 Model S vehicles assembled since 2014.

The reasons are different in each case. In the Model 3, the fault lies with the rear view camera wiring harness, which can be damaged when opening and closing the trunk, preventing the image from being displayed, the company explained to the National Traffic Safety Administration on Highways (NHTSA). Model Ss, on the other hand, have a faulty front trunk latch that can cause the hood to pop open unexpectedly.The company said it would fix both problems for free.

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The NHTSA said that Tesla identified 2,305 warranty claims that may be linked to either fault, but that the automaker has no knowledge of accidents, injuries, or deaths related to them.

While the scope of the recall is large for Tesla, repairs like this are becoming increasingly routine in the auto industry. According to Chicago-based consultancy Stout, more than 300 car models affecting nearly 28 million vehicles had to be repaired due to design flaws.

Other problems with Tesla

Tesla Vehicle|Photo|via Betty images

The NHTSA said earlier this month that it is reviewing a recent Tesla software update that allows drivers to play video games on the dashboard screen while the car is in motion. NHTSA is also in the middle of an investigation into Tesla’s autopilot system. The investigation was launched by US regulators after a dozen crash scene collisions involving first aid vehicles.

Tesl already had to do software repairs on more than 285,000 cars in China, most of the vehicles it delivered there in recent years, to address a safety issue identified by the country’s regulator.

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