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Sickle Cell Struggle And The Death Of CJ Sanders

CJ Sanders was the founder of a large sickle cell community on Facebook called, Sickle Cell Survivors.The whole community was thrown into mourning when the news of CJ’s death was made known on the 25th day of October, 2019.
Sickle cell is a blood disorder that causes a change in the shape of the Red blood cells from the normal bi-concave shape to a sickle shape.

The Sickled nature of the Red blood cells causes difficulty in the passage of blood through tiny blood vessels. The normal Red blood cells live for 120 days while a Sickled Red blood cell dies every 10-30 days. The signs and symptoms of Sickle cell disorder include: Pain, jaundice, stunted growth, swollen abdomen, priapisms etc. Sickle cell can lead to complications such as stroke, pneumonia, infertility etc.

Sickle cell can be avoided if couple know their genotype compatibility before getting married or having kids. Government at all levels should ensure laws prohibiting the passing on of the sickle cell disorder to younger generations are duly enacted.

His last word on his Facebook has throne everyone in disarray. couple’s at this point need to choose their partner not out of love sentiment but with the sense of bearing children who will not pass through the pains that took the life of CJ Sanders.

Our prayer goes to the family of CJ Sanders and the Sickle cell world at large

Victoria Chukwuka, RN
Delta State Sickle Cell Refferal Centre

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