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See How Blockchain-backed Search Engine Strataly rewards Users in Cryptocurrency

See How Blockchain-backed Search Engine Strataly rewards Users in Cryptocurrency
See How Blockchain-backed Search Engine Strataly rewards Users in Cryptocurrency

Publishers who own websites and mobile apps are paid when advertisements displayed on their platforms are clicked; thus, advertising has been a major source of revenue for online platforms because advertisers tend to leverage digital power in reaching a larger audience when compared to traditional methods of promoting goods and services. Keep reading as you learn more about Strataly, a blockchain powered search engine that rewards users in Cryptocurrency

AdNaira, a Nigerian online advertising media firm that links advertisers to their target audience via high-traffic websites and applications, has actually harnessed the power of digital to assist publishers in earning.

However, beyond publishers, end-users, or visitors to these platforms, must be included in this income cycle because they, too, want to earn; however, because this is a Nigerian-based platform, users from other countries may not wish to earn in Naira.

What money has no borders and may be used everywhere in the world? The term “cryptocurrency” flashes across my thoughts.

As a result, AdNaira’s founder and software developer, Francis Jayeola, invented Strataly, which would see consumers profit monetarily through cryptocurrencies as adverts run through high-traffic websites and mobile applications.

In a conversation with Francis, we learned that Strataly, the search engine powered by Adnaira, was founded on the enthusiasm of assisting businesses in creating brand recognition at a lower cost and empowering people to earn money by doing what they enjoy, which is browsing.

See How Blockchain-backed Search Engine Strataly rewards Users in Cryptocurrency

A brief history of Strataly

Following repeated concerns from publishers about the amount of cash they receive from AdNaira, Francis devised a way for both publishers and end-users to benefit from its ad business via a single currency.

According to Francis, the adverts are not shown to the platform owners, but to people who conduct inquiries using a search engine with intent, as they do not necessarily visit a certain platform for information.

Thus, in January 2021, Strataly was created as a search engine that will display advertisements connected to users’ search queries.

Because the platform is a web browser that is accessible all over the world, users outside of Nigeria cannot earn in Naira, and even USD cannot be used directly because some countries do not allow payment through Paypal, so Francis devised the most popular single currency, cryptocurrency, for all users to earn seamlessly.

The distinctiveness of Strataly

According to Francis, Strataly improves access to information. For example, if a user searches for a car online but does not intend to buy the car right away, Strataly compensates the user for the search, and if the user refers the car merchant to another user, a commission is attached to such action.

As a result, Strataly compensates you in two stages: one for being a user and another for being an affiliate or buyer. You can either go to the person’s platform or take action when you take action.

“You’re pushing that person’s brand and getting paid for it, and all of this is done from our back end, and the individual can watch the entire process from beginning to end,” Francis explained.

How will DeFi affect the payment landscape in the future?

As previously revealed by Francis, the company faced difficulties in seamlessly paying customers, therefore it was forced to employ cryptocurrencies due to widespread popular acceptance.

“Even people who do not believe they have the ability can learn it and begin using it right away.” So the future has already arrived,” Francis stated.

Why did you choose Unicrypt?

Francis noted that Unicrypt for the launch pad acts as a go-between for him and Strataly’s investors.

According to him, the platform’s token is no longer under his control because it has been taken over by Unicrypt. There are also some requirements that Unicrypt platform founders must meet, such as ‘Team KYC.’

According to Francis, this is necessary to prevent fraudulent operations because Unicrypt will go to great lengths to submit the details of any erring founders to the appropriate authorities for penalties.

Apart from that, Francis discussed Strataly’s smart contract audits. According to him, Unicyrpt not only accepted their codes but also reviewed and audited them to look for harmful scripts capable of stealing money from users.

How are users rewarded on Strataly?

Users can make an account by going to

Following that, individuals might begin earning money while browsing.

Strataly, according to Francis, is a one-page platform, so users do not have to continuously navigating from one page to the next.

They will see their balance counting as they use their browser, and they will be able to redeem their profits on the same page.

Strataly’s path across the global market chain

According to Francis, Strataly is now listed on the Binance Smart Chain, but it will make its next important worldwide move following its pre-sales.

Francis also stated that the connection is on Pancake Swap, and that “it is just that presale must be done so that the liquidity donated can be moved to pancake swap.”

Francis went on to say that after this migration is completed, Strataly would be listed on Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko.

Anything else you want to know about Strataly?

According to Francis, there have been many coins before now, and the majority of the founders do not comprehend the currency industry.

“They jump on a coin, believing they will make money, but most of their platforms fail, with their coin value reading figures far from one cent, let alone a dollar.”

Francis explains that his platform is coming in with a market understanding, therefore it will be addressing some of these issues on its own chain by providing liquidity through gas costs. According to him, this liquidity ensures that user prices remain steady.

Using an illustration, Francis said that it will launch with a top of more than $1 or perhaps up to $10 per coin.

“Even if individuals are withdrawing or selling, we are collecting fees from this transaction and pushing it back into liquidity on Pancake Swap, we offer liquidity with Ethreum value, we supply liquidity with Binance value, and thus we ensure that the price is stable on its own.”

Francis further on AdNaira’s position as an advertising company, saying, “The money we receive from advertisers isn’t only spent on our normal business; we utilize the money to buy our own coin itself from the markets to further boost the value.”

So we still put money back into it and distribute it among the rewarded users to ensure that we keep adding value to it.”

In conclusion, Francis stated that the coin will gradually grow more stable over time as Strataly continues to provide liquidity, savings from gas fees, and purchasing back from the money produced from the marketing avenue.

Strata Today is now available on Unicrypt.


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