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Saudi Arabia Shows Concern About Iran’s “Negative” Behavior Regarding Nuclear Deal

King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia on Wednesday expressed concern about “negative behavior” and policies carried out by the Iranian authorities in the middle of talks in Vienna on the nuclear deal with Iran.

Iran is a neighboring country. We hope that it will change its negative policy and behavior in the region and move towards dialogue and cooperation, “he said about the nuclear agreement negotiations in his annual speech, telematically due to the COVID pandemic.-19, before the Shura Council, according to the news portal Arab News.

Saudi Arabia show concerns

King Salman bin Abdulaziz|Photo via getty images

The King of Saudi Arabia added that they “follow with great concern the policies of the Iranian regime”, including the “establishment and support of sectarian and armed militias, the systematic deployment of their military capabilities in the countries of the region and their lack of cooperation with the international community regarding the nuclear program.”

“We are also following up on the Iranian regime’s support for the Houthi terrorist militia, which is extending the war in Yemen, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis there and threatening the security of the kingdom and the region,” said bin Abdulaziz.

The Saudi king stressed that the kingdom is interested in “the security and stability of Yemen and the region” and that they are working to “alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people.” In this sense, he stressed that they seek “to pressure all parties to accept political solutions,” according to Sky News.

Furthermore, Saudi Arabia has reaffirmed its commitment to ending the conflict in Yemen and has supported “global and international efforts to reach a political solution.”

With regard to Syria and Libya, he has said that they support “all efforts aimed at reaching political solutions that preserve the sovereignty, unity, and security of the two countries” as well as achieving “security and stability to put an end to the suffering of the people.”

The Saudi monarch has further stated that Saudi Arabia supports the Lebanese people and has urged all Lebanese leaders to give priority to the interests of their people and to work to achieve what the people aspire to “in terms of security, stability, and prosperity, to stop Hezbollah’s hegemony.”

King Salman bin Abdulaziz|Photo via getty images

On the other hand, the king has taken advantage of the meeting to congratulate the crown prince, Mohamed bin Salman, to whom he has attributed the various projects that are being carried out within the country’s “Vision 2030” program, which seeks to create a diversified economy through tourism and other reforms such as the development of non-oil industries. The king added that this program “will create great job opportunities.”

 This Tuesday, the president of Shura, Abdullah al Seij, stressed the “distinguished” work of the Council, which “has made notable attributions to the reforms carried out by the country.” Specifically, 46 telematic sessions have been carried out. according to the “Saudi Gazette” newspaper

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