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Ronaldo Reveals Why He Ignored Criticisms Against Man United

At the beginning of the New football season in the English premier league, the performance of Manchester United was commendable as they were on top of the premier league table following the return of Christiano Ronaldo.

As the events in the season got more interesting and performances of clubs changed, Manchester United dropped in the table rankings despite having the Portuguese star in the team.

The poor performance of the Old Trafford football club attracted criticisms from people who gave the club terrible names and demand the sack of the Club manager, Ole Solskjaer.
As luck may have it, Manchester United was able to defeat Tottenham Hotspur after recording a 3-0 win over the London club on Saturday.

After Manchester United beat Tottenham, the Portuguese star forward responded to his critics after his performance earned him a goal and an assist in the concluded match.

Cristiano Ronaldo has shamed the critics who have seen Manchester United as “crap” and failure in recent weeks, saying after a 3-0 win against Tottenham on Saturday that he doesn’t care what the public says about the team.

His goal and assist helped relieve the tensions on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s squad after last weekend’s 5-0 defeat to Liverpool prompted angry comments from the likes of Gary Neville and Wayne Rooney.

Still, the Red Devils remain in the uncomfortable territory in the Premier League with their title ambitions a distant dream due to a generally disappointing month of October.

After the triumphant victory of Manchester United against Tottenham Hotspur, Ronaldo Made the following statement below:

” The criticisms must come it’s normal but as for me, it doesn’t bother me because I had played football for 18 years, so I know that one day people will praise us for being perfect and another day, they will condemn us and say “we are crap”.

“I know that and we should endeavour to deal with that and get used to it, but it’s always better when the people praise you and they are happy with you. Life is full of challenges, sometimes we have to pass through tough experiences and we have to change and we changed today”.

“The Manchester United club was a little bit under pressure, but fortunately, today we gave a good answer. We played good, we started the game very well.

“Personally, my job is to help the team with my vast experience, my goals, my assists and I did that and I feel so satisfied with that. But in terms of the team, it was an unbelievable performance in my opinion.”

According to Ronaldo, every footballer or team should get ready for criticisms as it a normal experience in football. Apart from that, he added that his teammates’ performance yesterday was commendable as the result was better than the what they had in mind.

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