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Reason behind Akon crypto currency, AKoin.

Akon is one of the renewed pop singer, who won the heart of many as an artist. Akon recently went into development his coin project, to him the coin will serve as a means of transaction any you are in the word as long as you holds the coin on your e-wallet. Akon said he was motivated to create this coin that will have value every where in the world after his encounter with money converter in France who refuse to convert his money because the money he has have no value.

According to the story that on Akon verified Facebook page he wrote
“I was in Senegal and rushing to catch a flight to Europe, so I did not have the time to exchange my CFA to Euro. I just to myself that once I got to France I would change the currency. So when I arriveded and went to change the money, the lady told me, sorry but we cannot change that money for you.. and I’m like hold up! Hold up! This currency was created by France for us to use in Africa ! You are telling me I can’t convert the same currency created by France in France? She replied “I’m sorry, but this currency is not worth anything here. That was when I realized it was time for Africans to create their own currency that will be worth something everywhere… This gave birth to the AKoin .
Akon : speaking at the ongoing fintech Abu Dhabi 2021 organised by AGDM

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