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Read What US Doctors Said About The Covid-19 Vaccine Mandatory Policy

The Covid-19 pandemic event had forced the government of the USA to introduce the ‘Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate Policy’.

Despite the good intentions for the Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate Policy, some people feel unsatisfied with it and recently, the Adaptive Medical Partners ( AMP) had stated this matter.

The Federal Government made a policy that would ensure that Covid-19 vaccines are administered to companies with over 100 staff members.

The rule also involves regular Covid-19 testing for all company workers and this is to ensure the safety of people within the US territory.

Reports revealed that the Adaptive Medical Partners ( AMP) organised a survey for about one thousand clinic physicians to debate on the proposed COVID-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare Practitioners.

However, many health care centres had previously started making the Covid-19 vaccination compulsory and the CMS ( centre for Medicare and Medicaid ) had issued an order for health workers to get vaccinated by January, 4th 2022.

Many of the health workers (77%) who conducted the survey pointed out that the Covid-19 vaccine Mandate Policy would not have any control over their careers.

7 per cent said they will find a new job without a vaccine mandate;

3 per cent said they would retire earlier due to the mandate; and

2 per cent said will quit medicine entirely due to the mandate.

Despite the huge number of health workers who are against the Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate Policy, 44% admitted that it would help in improving the turnovers of the health sector.

One of the health workers explained that even though he had no intention to take the vaccine, the policy forced him to do so against his will as he never wanted to lose his job.

One of the health workers from New Hampshire, USA stated that the government needs to let the people know the importance of the Covid-19 vaccine instead of making it a compulsory duty for people.

He added that the Covid-19 Mandatory Policy would make people develop negative perceptions towards the use of the vaccine.

The President of the Adaptive Medical Partners ( AMP), Doctor David Fontenot, stated that even though the Covid-19 Vaccines Mandatory Policy favour the physicians and other health workers,

the Policy should be a bit flexible as some workers are strongly against taking this vaccination despite the attached Importance.

He explained that this would add more pressure to the health sector of the country as it may not cope with the risk of losing some important staff members who make great direct or indirect contributions to the health system as a result of the Covid-19 Mandatory Policy.

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