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Read: What FG Is Planning On The Electricity Supply

Yesterday, the FG blamed the country’s widespread power supply for epilepsy on past authorities’ neglect of the sector’s development.

The Minister of Power Abubakar Aliyu made the statement at the end of the special meeting of the Federal Executive Committee (FEC) hosted by Vice President Yemi Osimbajo in the presidential palace Abuja.

The minister submitted 16 memos from his ministry and was approved by all councils. He said that the current government has done more than previous governments to ensure that Nigerians start to enjoy improved electricity supply.

He explained that the government is correcting the situation by investing more in the industry to reverse the ongoing system collapse in the country.

While noting that the government has ordered power equipment, the Minister promised that Nigerians will begin to witness the results of ongoing investments in the near future.

As he detailed the country’s inadequate transmission grid, Aliyu argued that the country’s present power generation capability is around 5,000 megawatts.

Speaking of the memorandum he submitted, Aliyu said: “Today, I submitted 16 memorandums to the council. Let me say what impact these approvals will have on the country’s power supply.

“The main problem we face in the power supply industry is to be able to evacuate and distribute enough power. In other words, our transmission grid and distribution links in the value chain are very weak.

“We may not have much problem in terms of generations. Therefore, unless we can strengthen the grid across the country, expand the grid, and be able to evacuate what the grid can bring to consumers, we will face many problems.

“Therefore, what we are currently doing through various interventions is to be able to repair the grid by constructing new transmission lines and introduce new equipment to replace the old equipment in our substations in order to distribute power and lead to customers.

“As we all know, operating capacity and transmission and distribution are hanging around 5,000 megawatts.”

As a result, the projects we presented to the council and obtained approval for today are designed to increase the desire to transmit and distribute electricity. Although it is well known that the distribution sector of NESI (Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry) has been privatized, we cannot stand by and let They continue not to do too much in order to evacuate and spread what they may bring.

“But now, even the transmission power is not so strong. Therefore, we need to invest more in transmission, so that we can increase the TCN’s rotation capacity in order to be able to obtain enough electricity from the power generation.

“So, these memos. Although there are 16, they are all to achieve what I just explained.”

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