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Read How SHIBA INU Overpowered Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrency

The world had become a place dominated by computers and from what we see, almost everything had become digital and the introduction of digital currencies had proven how technology had affected the daily activities of Man.

The introduction of digital currencies popularly referred to as Cryptocurrency had led to many changes in the business environment as many people are now making good investments in several digital currencies platforms.

Out of the Popular Cryptocurrency platforms where people could engage in Bitcoin trading, there is a popular Bitcoin trading platform known as SHIBA INU that is currently trending and gaining ground in the Cryptocurrency environment.

Reports revealed that SHIBA INU coins are a meme-based Bitcoin trading platform created in August in the year, 2020 by an unknown man or group is known as “Ryoshi”.

According to the reports, it was added that the owner(s) of SHIBA INU are/is Japanese, hence, this makes SHIBA INU a Japanese Bitcoin trading platform. In Japanese, SHIBA INU means “a breed of dogs” and this explains why the creators used a dog face as it’s a symbol.

According to CNBC, SHIBA INU is based on the blockchain of Ethereum and its major goal is to provide essential services like lending and trading to its investors.

In just 14 months after its creation, SHIBA INU joined the top 10 most valuable Cryptocurrency platforms and recently, it had overtaken Dogecoin to become the 9th Most valuable Bitcoin trading platform.

Reuters reported that the exchange rate of SHIBA INU coins rose in October 2021 and since then, it is valued between $0.000072 and $0.000077 with a market capitalisation of 38.5 billion dollars.

Binance reported that the token supplies in SHIBA INU are estimated at One quadrillion(1,000,000,000,000,000) with a circulating rate of 100 per cent (100%).

This explains why so many investors are trooping into SHIBA INU as they Make quick gains from it. Despite the quick gains in SHIBA INU, an investor can easily lose money before the expected time.

Financial experts revealed that at the fast rate at which the value of SHIBA INU rises, it could reach the value of $1 before the year, 2021 comes to an end.

Many people are demanding that SHIBA INU should be added to the Popular Bitcoin Platform, Robinhood but the CEO of the Robinhood Bitcoin Platform hasn’t made any Official statement on the addition.

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