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Read How A Boy Miraculously Survived Ikoyi Building Collapse In Lagos

One of the most disastrous and unexpected events that could take the life of many people

is the Collapse of a building most especially, high rising buildings because

this could lead to the death of all occupants if care isn’t taken during the rescue process.

This is the event which played out in Ikoyi town in Lagos State.

A 21-storey Building had collapsed leading to the trapping of the occupants including the owner of the building.

The Ikoyi Building Collapse is the latest disaster to hit Lagos State and it has been

revealed that many Lagos buildings are prone to collapse.

People are stressed to be trapped in the remains of a 21 story structure that collapsed

in an upscale area of Nigeria’s profitable mecca, Lagos, on Monday.

According to CNN, the building is located on Gerald Road in the megacity’s rich Ikoyi neighbourhood,

High rising buildings is a norm in Ikoyi town as a result of the luxurious lifestyle of the people living in the town.

One of the survivors of the Ikoyi Building Collapse named “Olu Apata” who reportedly ran out of the building before its collapse said,

” Before the building collapse, I was in my apartment when I discovered that it felt like

an earthquake was about to take place so I rushed out of my apartment just after 3 p.m. I noticed the apartment was moving and I decided to flee for my life”.

Apata said the structure has been under construction for about 2 years now and the owner was considering selling it off to the highest bidder.

3 people are receiving treatment after the got rescued from the collapsed site.

The exact number of people who are trapped under the collapsed Ikoyi building are yet to be ascertained.

It took a while for deliverance services to arrive at the scene. Hours after the collapse, hundreds of people were around the point,

helplessly surveying crossbeams of concrete piled high in a mound. Locals were digging through the wreckage by hand.

During the time of these events, a Twitter user with the handle @Enuhoney posted on his page that one of the occupants of the building jumped into their compound when the building was Collapsing.

Through the Twitter handle, the guy wrote ” This boy jumped from the collapsed building into our compound”.

From the picture of the boy displayed in the Twitter post, we can see how dusty the boy’s body is and it’s a great miracle for him.

Watch the video of the Ikoyi Building Collapse in Lagos State

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