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Rare Case Of A Woman Whose HIV Was Cured By Itself

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It appeared that a woman from Argentina had cure herself of HIV without drugs or treatment, and this is the second documented case of her kind in the world.

Doctors and health experts believe that the woman’s immune system was the reason for the cure as it killed the virus on its own.

They did not see any viable trace of the infection in the tests they carried out on the over one billion for her body, this was stated by the Archives of Internal Medicine report.

Health Experts believe that If this process could be harnessed, it could offer a way to wipe out or cure HIV.

The findings further prove that few pipo are born with natural resilience to HIV.

Some people have genes which prevent infections.

Others which include ths Esperanza patient, who wished to remain anonymous, appeared to catch the HIV virus but was able to eliminate the virus.

But most people who have HIV need life-long antiretroviral therapy (ART). And if

they stop taking these drugs, the dormant virus will be strong and will cause problems again.

However, In recent years, reports are now talking about elite controllers, whivh can suppress the HIV virus, with help but there is still no medication or injection to effectively cure HIV.

In London, a patient named Adam Castillejo, was able to stop his daily HIV pills after he received donor stem-cell treatment for cancer which was also another illness he had.

Doctors wiped off his HIV-infected cells and replace it during the cancer therapy, and later his donor was one of the 1% people who was born with genes which prevents HIV from entering and infecting the body cells.But According to experts, it’s still not clear how long this advantage could last for patient Adam Castillejo.

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