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Paris Saint Germain Player Arrested For Attacking A Teammate

Recently, it has been reported by Skysports that a Paris Saint Germain Player had been

arrested in an alleged connection with an attack against a teammate.

As usual, all forms of Assaults are prohibited by the law and are also punishable if the masterminds are trialed and found guilty.

Football teammates are expected to support and watch each other back but it appears

that in the Paris Saint Germain Football Club, some players allowed disagreements to cross the limits.

According to Skysports, PSG confirmed that one of its female Footballer Aminata Diallo got

arrested on Wednesday after she was Alleged to be part of an attack against her teammate, Kheira Hamraoui.

Diallo who is 26 years old had been playing for the Paris Saint Germain club for five years, while her fellow Paris Saint Germain

teammate, Hamraoui, who is 31 Years Old joined the team from Barcelona in July.

According to French daily news channel, L’Equipe a report was made that Diallo fellow midfielder Kheira Hamraoui got

attacked on the 4th of November (Thursday) by two unknown men who were reported to have masked their faces.

A PSG statement on Wednesday read: “Paris St Germain can confirm that Aminata Diallo was taken into custody this morning

by the Versailles Regional Police Service as part of the proceedings opened following an attack on [one of] the club’s players last Thursday evening.

“After the arrest was carried out by the police force, the Paris Saint Germain team pointed

out that an attack on one of its female team players would not be taken lightly,

but the crime which had recently been linked to another female teammate needs to be clarified before other necessary actions would be taken.

The Paris Saint Germain Football club explained that it is expected that everyone in the team to be very supportive of each other and the news

of a footballer attacking a teammate would be regarded as a mere allegation until all

necessary evidence gotten from investigations proves otherwise.

What transpired between the two female Footballers in the past wasn’t made public and the French police had started

interrogating Aminata Diallo and very soon, the truth on the matter would be revealed.

However, it was revealed that the Paris Saint Germain Player, Kheira Hamraoui got featured

in many matches when compared with Aminata Diallo

This raised suspicions that Diallo Allegedly masterminded the attack on her teammate

Over Jealousy in order to get more chances in playing for the team.

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