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“False Hope” is a strong psychological tool for holding a person or people under unsuspecting bondage, addiction and undiscerning followership.

One thing #bet9ja slip does to the one who holds it, is that it gives the person “False Hope”

The man whose bet9ja slips cuts one, will be gingered to play again the next day with the believe that one day he will hit it big!

False Hope makes a person believe in outcomes of factors he has no form of control over.

People under the bondage of false hope are usually plague with fanaticism, bigotry .and delusionalism.

The actualisation of the sovereign state of biafra as was first agitated by uwazuruike and his massob group, which my dad out of his meagre resources as an okada rider in Lagos was contributing money monthly into the massob purse or should I say uwazuruike purse. My father consistently believed, that biafra would be actualised with several dates and deadlines predicted by uwazuruike then.

As each date fails, reasons are proffered for the failure and a new date and deadline provided, which my father will believe in hook, line and sinker. These became a pattern !

Suddenly a voice was held on radio; radio biafra, that voice came with very appealing religious sentiments linking the igbo race to Judaism as the purest form of worship for an igbo man. The name ChukwuOkikeAbiama became a very popular name for a God whose only interest is the children of Isreal of which the Igbo race was tainted to be the lost tribe.

Gradually the voice started raising a fresh consciousness among the average Igbo man, and the ever failing political class through their very awful leadership and amazing wonder corruption and tribalism gave impetus to this consciousness.

The Igbo man is tired of this space called Nigeria, the level of leadership ineptitude is so monumental. Even their fellow Igbos who hold leadership positions have failed to provide quality leadership in Eastern Nigeria.

As such this new voice on radio began to gain popularity and acceptance among the igbo nations, hence massob lost her relevance to #IPOB.

Very strategic in his approach , Nnamdi Kanu the voice behind the radio biafra broadcast became the toast of the Igbo man who believe that biafra must be actualised either in their lifetime or after their death.

Dates were given for the actualisation of the biafra sovereign state, as like before these dates come and go but this hope remained.

The #Nigerian leadership keeps churning out very awkward leadership, daily giving impetus to this false hope.

Moreso the emergence of buhari as President gave further impetus to the call for biafra’s actualisation. Buhari was all tribal in his leadership hence the propaganda of islamisation and ethnic cleansing gained serious impetus and buhari keeps proving them right with his lopsided appointments and disuniting policies and statements.

For instance, the pronouncement of an unarmed IPOB as terrorist group, whereas the world acclaimed terrorist group Boko Haram is still seen as a non governmental organization with an operational department known as bandits who have spilled so much blood yet the buhari led government condones them without speaking to them in the language they will understand.

Since nature abhors vacuum and the Nigerian State is not providing any form of hope, the #Igbo people in their numbers had no option than to place their hope on Nnamdi Kanu and his promise to bring about the actualisation of the sovereign state of #biafra.

The people made a god out of him, rather should I say the political class made a god out of #NnamdiKanu.

Though a lot of people would not agree with his vituperation and vulgar use of words which kind of incites hate and tribal intolerance, a hate that has even extended to Igbos against Igbos, yet they have no option than to lean towards his leadership since the Nigerian leadership has failed classically.

Unfortunately this has made a beast out of a once civil and temperate people. Anyone who offers a dissenting opinion against biafra is called a bastard and a useless son “efulefu”. Anyone who dares to speak against Nnamdi Kanu receives death threats from fellow igbo man sometimes same blood, let me not talk about the tongue lashing you will get from your own very paddy self.

All these are signs of a people under the influence of the psychological doctrine of false hope.

Expectations surpassing reality is false hope.


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