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I have always advocated that for the sake of justice , equity and fair play , a president of Nigeria of Igbo extraction must be allowed come 2023.

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A pair of Peter Obi as President & Umara Zulum as Vice President will be fantastic and from the look of things ,it will require a performing man like Peter Obi to clean the mess and move this country economically to greater heights .

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But if the far North political leaders are scared of Ndigbo due to fear or hatred and appear not comfortable in supporting an Igbo Presidency .

Then I will want to suggest a pair of Yemi Osinbajo as President & Umara Zulum as Vice President . The two are highly educated & bold.

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But I still make bold to say this. If we do not restructure Nigeria before 2023 ,there is still not much these pair can achieve with the system we are still running . That is a fact.

Written By: Prince Charles.