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Must Read!!! President Buhari Christmas Message For 2021 For Nigerians

President :I rejoice for Christians in Nigeria because they celebrate this season with fellow believers all over the world.

This is a special period for uniting people from all over the world with the same purpose; celebrating unity, joy, peace, and most importantly, sharing love with each other through the exchange of goodwill and gifts.

The world will not be able to celebrate the second Christmas as it did in the past few years.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its accompanying debilitating effects have always accompany humans, mutated and subsequently have devastating consequences for economic and social interactions and restrictions on certain freedoms.

However, the silver lining is that mankind has been able to stand up with a voice and purpose to deal with the imposed conditions.

I would like to take this opportunity to call on our dear citizens to receive vaccination, which is the best bastion known in science to fight the pandemic.

Recent events have shown that vaccination greatly reduces the impact of the virus on the human body.

I will also urge those who have already taken two doses to continue taking the booster as recommended by the Presidential Steering Committee (PSC).

I commend the PSC members under the leadership of the Secretary of the Federal Government for their efforts as they continue to develop a road map for pandemics and related issues.

In terms of security, despite the remarkable successes generally achieved, we still face some challenges.

With the necessary support of this government, our brave security forces are fighting against the evil forces among us every day, and they continue to threaten the peace of this land.

During a recent meeting with the heads of state of ECOWAS, I discussed the need to step up our efforts to jointly respond to this threat of instability in our subregion.

I believe that with the re-commitment and empowerment of our loyal security personnel, all these painful and traumatic problems will soon become history.

Let us use the opportunity this holiday brings to encourage ourselves so that there is no place for the conspiracy of the wicked among us to breed.

Christmas is a season of rekindling hope. Hope, peace, joy, and love are the recurring themes of this era.

The real test of a country comes in hardships.

I urge Nigerians to arouse our indomitable spirit and view the current order as a stage that will pass, just like other unpleasant situations in the history of the country.

This government will not give up its promise to Nigerians to lead a better life.

The initial economic diversification is bearing fruit.

We will continue to create opportunities for many of our young people to release their tremendous energy.

When we celebrate with family, friends, colleagues, and colleagues, let us make time to reach out to disadvantaged groups.

Let us also pray for our brave security personnel and encourage them to fulfill their vows to protect our safety.

I assure my compatriots that this government is still determined to ensure the improvement of the living standards of ordinary Nigerians.

Here, I wish Nigerians a Merry Christmas!

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