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MUST READ!!! As The Sombre Reflections In Sunday Igboho’s Request

Just as everyone has expectations for the New Year in 2022, The Punch reported that on Sunday, Chief Igboho also made a request for the new year to the government of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“Punch Press” revealed that he asked the president to ensure the safety of the lives and property of the people in the southwestern geopolitical zone, because he also said that his struggle was never against the president or any governor, but against unsafe areas. The area. From the tone of his request, one thing seemed certain, it seemed to be something with a gloomy reflection.

Martin Luther King Jr. said in a speech in Detroit: “If a person does not find something he will die for, he is not fit to live.” Yoruba national agitator Sunday Adeyemo, commonly known as Sunday Igboho, he found My own courses are considered by many to be politically motivated, while others think it is selfless.

No matter which side of the assertion is correct, the course defines the last six months of his life, and no one knows whether he regrets his decision.

In addition, today happens to be July 1, 2021, six months after his house was invaded by secret agents. Fortunately, he escaped the invasion, and two of his assistants were killed in the process.

Before he was arrested at the airport, he later tried to leave the country via Cotonou for Germany. Since then, he has been calming down in a prison in the Republic of Benin. Several attempts by his lawyers to ensure his freedom ended in vain.

However, despite staying in prison for nearly half a year, his spirit still seems to be maintained at a high level. Many in his position will ask for their freedom in the New Year, but Chief Sunday seems to have accepted his faith and brought his case. In the hands of God.

Just like Iboho’s 2022 requirements on Sunday, we all want a better and safer Nigeria where people can move freely anywhere in the country without being killed or kidnapped.

Finally, we hope that his sins will be forgiven as soon as possible, and his freedom will be obtained as soon as possible. However, when a book about events in Nigeria in 2021 is written, a chapter in the book will belong to Sunday Igboho, and the content of these pages will depend on who is writing the story, and from the author The writing point of view.

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