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Maryam Booth’s ex-boyfriend denies leaking her nud3 video on social media [PHOTOS]

Hausa actress, Maryam Booth’s fame skyrocketed a few days ago but for a very wrong reason, that cannot be morally justified. A nud3 video of the actress surfaced on the internet and it became the trending topic on everyone’s feed and ignited a firestorm on Twitter on Friday, February 7.

Maryam Booth was recorded after s3x with an unidentified man. The man was in the room with her while she was putting on her dress and he recorded the video which she later noticed and rushed to snatch the phone from the unidentified man.

She has accused her ex-boyfriend, Ibrahim Ahmad Rufai a.k.a Deezell of releasing the video but Deezell issued a statement in which he debunked claims of leaking the nude video.

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