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Manchester United Star Banned From Driving For 6 Months

It is obviously a bad moment for the Manchester United football star, Aaron Wan-Bissaka recently, a driving ban had been imposed on him.

The Manchester Magistrate court imposed a 6 months travel ban on Wan-Bissaka for driving without qualifications and insurance in June 23, 2021.

Manchester United defender, Aaron Wan-Bissaka

Back in September 2020, Wan-Bissaka was penalized for over-speeding.

Apart from the 6 months driving ban imposed on the football star, Aaron Wan-Bissaka was also fined £30,000 for the violation of traffic rules.

According to Sky Sports , before the ban was imposed on him, Wan-Bissaka had gotten his Lamborghini confiscated by the Manchester police 6 days ago for another traffic offence.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka penalized for breaking traffic rules

The 24 Year Old Manchester United’s defender has so many traffic violation offences committed by him and this can be seen as an eyesore for a popular figure to be on the black book of the police for traffic offences.

Wan-Bissaka’s lawyer tried to appeal to the court on behalf of the player stating that it wasn’t an intentional act for the Footballer to drive without an insurance as he wasn’t away of his disqualification but the court couldn’t overturn it’s decision.

Adding to this, the district judge Bernard Begley explained that about 7 letters had been sent to the Footballer informing about

his disqualification from driving over to traffic offences he committed earlier and if he ignores the punishment and drives,

it would lead to further sanctions such as the recently imposed 6 months ban from driving and an additional fine.

Wan-Bissaka is currently living with his partner and 12-month-old child in the Town of Hale located in Greater Manchester, UK.

Apart from the £30,000 fine imposed on him, Aaron Wan-Bissaka got an additional fine of £1,500 as he failed to update the district on the speeding meters of his vehicle.

Wan-Bissaka was also ordered to pay a victim the surcharge fee of £190 and court costs of £160. 

Aaron Wan-Bissaka

Aaron Wan-Bissaka moved from Crystal palace to Manchester United in 2019. Following his transfer to Manchester United,

the football defender had made good improvements and he is currently on the best defenders in the Old Trafford team as he had made impressive saves which prevented opponents from scoring against his team on the pitch.

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