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Kemi Olunloyo Speaks About Tiwa’s Viral Intimate Video

The past few days hadn’t been easy for the Nigerian female artist, Tiwa savage after a video of her intimate moment with her lover got leaked on social media. Because of her celebrity status, the blackmailer tried to make Tiwa Savage pay sums of money to prevent the video from getting into social media but Tiwa refused and this resulted in the sharing of the video on many platforms.

After the video got leaked on social media, some Criticized Tiwa savage for recording such a video in the first place but her fans and fellow celebrities showed their support and stood by her side despite the ugly situation.

Despite the strong support from people who supported Tiwa savage, the Self-acclaimed good Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo had reacted to the leaked videotape differently.Kemi Olunloyo, made a Post through her Instagram page where she wrote that anyone that is supporting Tiwa Savage at this moment is fake, she also gave the Nigerian singer some ideas on how to handle the bad situation which is currently against her favour.

Kemi Olunloyo wrote, ” Tiwa I haven’t watched the S£x tape and I am not in a position to watch similar videos after what Daddy freeze said before, so do the necessary. Any addict, friend, ex supporting you is FAKE”.

1. Educate your son to avoid conflicts from his classmates, friends, teachers and neighbours who would currently be laughing at him.

2. Write formal letters to your brand countersign companies ( Substantially family-friendly brands) explaining what has happed (they formerly know) it’s a necessity as they will NOT renew your contracts. This is the right time for them to DROP you.

3. Stop fighting, mocking and trolling bloggers and the racketeer who’s actually that your boyfriend and set up your tour earlier than 2020 and move on.

4. S€ x videotapes don’t make you Popular, Stop recording intercourse moments. Kim Kardashian ended up sad and a failure at marriage. She ended up disassociated from 3 husbands. I have not been married, it’s a choice. Cover your future. Not every man wants a Divorced woman with a leaked intimate tape.

The above statement which was written by  Kemi Olunloyo bears some important messages which Tiwa Savage could consider following and apart from her, the leaked video could also hurt her son, maybe not today, but in years to come. It is advisable for everyone especially women stay away from recording a videotape of his/her intimate moment with a partner as when it comes to Love or S£**sexual matters, the female gender is always at the receiving end of it.

This can be proven by the experience of Tiwa savage as nobody is talking about her boyfriend who was intimate with her but all attention is focused on Tiwa savage not just because she’s a celebrity, but also a female.

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