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Is The Covid-19 Booster Jab That Important?

Nigeria has already imported booster vaccines for Covid-19, but people are wondering why it is important to take booster shots.

The booster dose is another special prevention injection against COVID-19 after someone has taken the first and second jab of the vaccine.

It is important because health experts have done research and have found that, at a point, immunity is reduced in the first and second doses, so you need a booster shot to increase or prolong your immunity.

Last week, the head of Nigeria’s Centre for Disease Control [NCDC] said Nigeria is now facing the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Lfedayo Adetifa, the head of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control [NCDC], announced this after Nigeria saw a 500 percent increase in rates in just two weeks, with the Delta and Omicron strains being major concerns.

In mid December 2021, the National Primary Health Care Development Agency [NPHCDA] released guidelines on how people who have completed the two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine can take the booster shot.

The health agency had approved the administration of the booster shots. According to expert recommendations,

The NPHCDA says that anyone who has collected the two doses of Astrazena, Moderna, Pfizer Bio-Tech or a dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccines will be eligible to collect the booster shot.

In Rivers State, they have begun sharing the COVID-19 booster dose with people to boost their immunity against coronavirus.

The Immunization Officer, Dr. Inwon Joseph Urang, said it is the Pfizer vaccine they are giving as a booster dose to Nigerians six months after they took their second dose of the Astra Zeneca vaccine.

“We are using the Pfizer vaccine as a booster dose for those who have taken the Astra Zeneca vaccine.” So if you 

If you have taken the first and second doses of Astra Zeneca and it has been six months, you are qualified to take Pfizer as your booster dose. They stated

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