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Improving your social media presence: The ultimate guide

Do you have a company, a start-up or a product to promote? I’m assuming you’ve already created a Twitter account and a Facebook page. This is a good thing.

Now, are you sure you are doing the right thing to gain fans, followers and try to attract as many people as possible through social media? It is important to know the best practices to have an effective presence on social networks.

I share with you in this article many tips and tools to maximize your presence on the various popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Do not hesitate to complete it or to ask your questions in the comments.

The benefits of social media for your business

Social networks are essential for many businesses. They will allow you to promote your brand and generate qualified leads easily.

What are the advantages of a presence on social networks?

  • Your community becomes a prospecting market
  • The day before helps to find potential customers
  • Posted links attract qualified traffic to your website
  • Social networks make it possible to collect e-mail addresses
  • Focus groups increase your awareness

You can therefore use social networks to increase your notoriety, your traffic, and your sales.

How to improve engagement on social networks?

In general, you should not post just random things.

There are rules and best practices you should know to improve your posts’ engagement with your communities.


We consider as engagement, all the actions generated by the members of your community around your publication (like comment, share, retweet). This will allow your link to “travel” through social networks.

To help you, here are seven sample content to share with your community. They will allow you to get a good engagement rate.

  • Ask questions creatively
  • Organize contests
  • Set up a Questions & Answers event
  • Identify people in content curation
  • Encourage user-generated content
  • Connect to a social cause
  • Talk about current events

Types of content to get lots of sharing

Social networks are very graphic, posting images will help you get a good number of shares. A real plus for the notoriety of your brand.

To better understand the importance of visual content, here are some statistics:

  • 63% of social media is made from images.
  • Almost 66% of social media updates are visual content.
  • 50% of all Internet users have reposted a photo or video that they found online.
  • 54% of all Internet users have posted an original photo or video that they have personally created.
  • Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without images.

As you can see, the visual character is therefore essential for online success.

As you can see, the visual character is therefore essential for online success.

Here are 11 examples of popular visual content on social media. Feel free to share different types of this content to see what works best with your community.

  1. Quality photos
  2. Screenshot
  3. Infographics
  4. Personal photographs
  5. Show behind the scenes of your company
  6. Graphic quotes
  7. Original designs
  8. Images that reflect the essence of your brand
  9. Dynamic images
  10. Comics
  11. Graphics

Optimize images for sharing on social networks

It is important to optimize the size of the images for sharing on social networks. By optimizing your images, they will display correctly to users and improve your chances of attracting traffic.

We shared an infographic to bring together all the sizes of the different social networks.

 Facebook Tips

How to win fans?

  1. Optimize your site with as many Facebook buttons as possible to increase the number of “likes” and participation on your page
  2. Use Facebook advertising to increase the number of fans
  3. Add the “like” button on your blog
  4. Optimize your site with as many Facebook buttons as possible to increase the number of “likes” and participation on your page
  5. Use Facebook advertising to increase the number of fans
  6. Add the “like” button on your blog

Facebook strategies that work

On Facebook, trying to get as much engagement with your fans as possible will improve the organic reach of your posts.

  • Post videos directly to Facebook
  • Share quotes in photos
  • Target your publications
  • Use an action button
  • Try hidden posts
  • Focus on your key topics
  • Focus on your key topics
  • Increase your publication frequency
  • Take advantage of trending topics
  • Study your negative feedback
  • Keep going and don’t give up
  • 3D advertising
  • The cinematography

 Twitter tips

On Twitter, here are some good practices that will allow you to have a good presence and increase your followers.

  • Put a link and an image in your tweets
  • Keep it short and to the point
  • Use the correct hashtag (s)
  • Find the best time to share your tweets
  • Embed tweets in your blog posts
  • Offer gifts in exchange for followers
  • Participate in chats on Twitter
  • Share other people’s content (Don’t just self-promote)
  • Avoid mistakes
  • ask questions
  • Have fun
  • Thank people who interact with you
  • Reply to tweets from important accounts
  • Stay on topic and trend

Change format

Did you know?

8 billion videos are viewed on Facebook every day and 64% of companies use live video on social networks.

On Facebook, for example, use the following formats depending on the audience you want to reach:

  • Face-to-face video
  • The animated video
  • The vlog
  • Facebook live

Call on a community manager


A community manager’s mission is to manage your image and the reputation of your company on the internet. In this sense, it must improve the visibility of your brand on social networks by developing a community, debates and exchanges, etc.

It is therefore advisable to trust the professionalism of a community manager to:

  • Interact with your communities
  • Attract your targets
  • Create quality content marketing
  • Showcase your brand
  • Improve your notoriety, etc.

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