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“I love you but it is time to take action, Nigeria is falling apart”- Ortom to Buhari

Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom has called on President Buhari to take immediate action as Nigeria is currently in a state of disarray.

Ortom said he loved Buhari but now was the time to tell him the truth and take action.

The northern governor said Buhari was indeed a father to some, while others doubted his ear because he should have understood Nigeria’s situation.

The governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom, has said it is time for the president to realize that the country is collapsing as a result of terrorist attacks, TheCable reports.

In a message to President Buhari on Saturday congratulating him on his 79th birthday, Nathaniel Ikyur, Ortom’s information secretary, said the governor said insecurity was not the president’s promise when he came to power.

According to TheCable, the governor, who said he loved Buhari, called on the president to take immediate action to secure the country before he leaves office.

“I join your family, friends, political colleagues and all Nigerians in congratulating you on your 79th birthday,” he said.

“For some, the president is a father, for others, he is autumn, while others are waiting for him to realize that Nigeria is collapsing as a result of militant terrorism that continues to undermine the country’s unity.

“Every day, people are slaughtered like animals on their farms, at home or on their way home. Here are the faces of the terrorists in the video but no one has been arrested”

“Streets have become a trap where citizens are afraid to go for fear of being abducted or killed.

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This is an open secret as no one has survived in this country. “

The governor said the security situation in the country was deteriorating and citizens were living in fear.

“The president should not listen to crazy people who do not tell him the truth, tell him everything is right.

“There is nothing wrong with Nigeria right now president. You must take immediate action to pull the country out of its current predicament, “he said.

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