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How To Take Care Of Yourself Or A Victim When Bitten By A Snake

People have been searching the internet for various ways to avoid being bitten or preventing snake from entering their toilet pipes as a result of the reports, as it was revealed that broken pipes are the most common reason why snakes are found in toilets, as snakes tend to enter broken pipes of soak aways and toilets.

A house technician, who is identified as Mr. Abbey, said that many people believe that the pipe that is connected to the toilet is the main cause of the incidents, but revealed that it is not entirely true.

The way they designed the water closet is that it only gets the bowl that gets the water, and the only time water enters the pipe is when someone flushes after they use the toilet. He explained

He added that one of the ways snakes can enter toilet pipes is from either the septic tank or soakaway if it has broken or cracked, or if there is a hole where snakes can simply go through.

As people worry about snakes in their houses, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has given some advice on what to do if a snake bites you or someone close to you;

Take the pet from where the snake bit him, or if the snake is still biting the person, find a way to carefully remove the snake.

Remove anything that is tight where the snake bit, like a ring or bangle, because it could cause problems like the affected area might swell up.

Let the victim calm down, as most snake poison in the bite does not kill at once.

The victim must not move at all and be carefully carried to the health facility as quickly as possible.

Put pressure on the snake bite wound.

Do not use herbal medicine for treatment before being taken to the hospital.

The victim can take paracetamol for pain because snake bites can be extremely painful.

If the victim wants to vomit, turn them to their side.

And make sure the person is still breathing before he or she receives medical help.

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