How Police Robbed Me And My Brother

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How Police Robbed Me And My Brother

After eating at Kilimanjaro at Ruby Center, the police kidnapped me and my younger brother in Abuja at Wuse 2 hours ago. They quickly double-crossed our bolt ride, pulled out weapons, and demanded that we follow them into their car, which was not a police car.

They questioned where we were from when we got in, and when I told them we were Igbos from Imo state, they immediately assumed we were members of IPOB, and they crammed us into their car, which was filled with five police officers! They began harassing us, and I experienced a serious panic attack.
I asked for water so I could take my meds, and they asked what I do for a career, and I told them I’m a writer, and they said I’m a yahoo boy. They stated we should get ready to go to the station, and I informed them that was not the case.
They were enraged. They inquired if I was based in Abuja, to which I replied that I had come for the holiday. They then inquired as to where I stay and how much I pay, to which I replied that I stay in a shortlet apartment, to which I replied that I do, and they proceeded to search my phone for the conversation with my manager, as well as the amount I paid.

They intended to apprehend us. Because of his crypto nonsense, they raided my brother’s phone and called him a yahoo boy. They drove for over two hours from Abuja! I was terrified because these men were armed and threatened to shoot me.
They inquired as to how I was able to afford such a large sum of money. They’ve been taking us to the outskirts of Abuja the whole time. They shackled us and shoved us into the boot, by the way. Because I am claustrophobic, I had to take a double dose of my medications.

They started questioning how many accounts we had and how much money we had in them. They made us access our bank apps and instructed me to bring 1.5 million dollars. I was already suffering terrible panic attacks and had to stay at home to take my other medications. I informed them that I lacked the necessary funds.
To cut a long tale short, they stole our ATMs and withdrew 500,000 Naira from my account, out of a total of 617000 Naira. They took $50,000 from my younger brother. I pleaded with them that it was my upkeep money for my stay, but they slapped me and demanded that I use the 117K for myself.

By the way, they came to a halt at a crossroads, and one of them removed his police clothes and proceeded to take money from a POS! They also wanted to send our cryptocurrency. Man, I’m speechless. I’m in a state of shock. They drove us back to town (Utako, where I stay…) after everything.

They searched for a dark spot, released our handcuffs, and handed over our phones and credit cards. They snatched my new AirPods as well as some of my valuables. Phew. This was not part of the plan. I felt completely violated and exploited.
I have 500K in my account out of a total of 617K. Is it really that simple? I was crammed into the boot, and I was on the verge of passing out. They threatened to murder me. They claimed to be police inspectors general. When they dropped us off, all I saw was the plate number BWR 127Q0. But I’m not sure about the last two letters.

They were real cops, with walkie-talkies and security comms, but I believe it was staged since they paid off my Bolt driver and told him to go abduct my baby brother and me. This is the closest I’ve ever come to anything like that. My whole body is trembling.

I’m at a loss for words, and I’ll need some time to process this. It’s my hard-earned cash. On every level, I was assaulted.