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How Few Minutes Of Enjoyment Got A Driver Fired From Work

Every company has rules, regulations and guidelines Which controls its operations and also regulate the activities of its staff members, failure of adhering to such rules often leads to suspension or permanent termination of the job.

This experience took place after an Amazon delivery driver was reportedly sacked from work after a lady alighted from the backdoor of the company’s vehicle.

In a video that was posted on Tiktok, a white lady hopped out of an Amazon Grey coloured van after the driver of the van opened the backdoor for her exit.

During the whole short time drama, a resident in the environment took a video of the whole event and eventually posted it on Tiktok and as expected, the video went viral on the social media platform.

After the video went viral and the management of the Amazon company got the wind of the whole event, they fired the driver after a crazy videotape showing a woman crawling out of the aft door of his truck went viral on social media.

The videotape, captured in a domestic Florida neighbourhood, shows the motorist sluggishly pushing the door open.
Suddenly, a blonde woman dressed in a black skimpy dress sneaked out of the back door and casually goes on her way.

As she leaves, it appears she takes a phone from her dress and make a call.
The clip which got released into TikTok a week ago recorded over 11.2 million views.

TikTok users took this as a golden opportunity to invade the comment sections with their reactions and the most popular reactions from Tiktok users were:-

” In nine months time, we shall see the type of delivery package that come, we shall find out”.

”  The back door actions of Amazon had just started, good luck with it”.

Although the face of the delivery truck driver and the lady remains unknown, Amazon spokesman, Maria Boschetti revealed to Fox News that the driver had been identified by the company and as a result of his actions which violated the policy of the company, he had been relieved of his duties.

The statement of Amazon’s company spokesman reads,

” The actions of the driver violates our credibility as it is against the rules of the company for an unauthorised person or people to gain entrance into the Amazon’s Van and because of this the driver who was caught in a video breaking such rules has been fired immediately”.

Although, what the driver and lady did inside the vehicle wasn’t made public, many people assumed that they had an intimate moment with each other.

But following the dressing of the lady and the manner the driver used in opening the door, their is a huge possibility that People’s imaginations could be true.

Watch the video below:

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