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Here Are The 8 LaLiga Clubs In The Top Four Race

LaLiga Although the Premier League ended its traditional holiday schedule-even with Omicron proliferating across the country-the other four major European leagues are resting.

For La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga, this is a dynamic start of the season. Some teams escaped after winning the championship, while other departments played a wonderful game among a few top teams.

There are also some big-name teams that are trying to improve their rankings-Barcelona still has a firm foothold under the leadership of new boss Xavi, while Juventus’s pace in Italy is very slow.

Sportsmail provides the status of the game and explains the biggest topics of all four major European leagues.

This is a new era in the Spanish top league without Lionel Messi, and fans will surely bring some surprises to some of the unlikely challengers in the top four.

Rayo Vallecano is arguably the most shocking person. Head coach Andoni Iraola raised the Spanish fish to fourth place, higher than Atletico Madrid and Barcelona.

At the same time, Real Betis was knocking on the door of the top four last season and now looks serious about breaking it-they are ranked third with 33 points, but still 5 less than Seville, who is currently ranked second. point.

La Liga fans are accustomed to seeing Barcelona compete with Real Madrid for the league title, but the closest to them is the six-time Europa League title coached by Ulen Lopetegui. Sevilla has only lost twice and won 11 games, but is still 8 points behind, despite one game.

Under the leadership of the new coach Ancelotti, Real Madrid is clearly a popular candidate to win the championship. Ancelotti’s team only lost once, with 14 victories and 41 goals, setting a new league high.

But for their usual opponent Barcelona, ​​it looks like they are just facing a battle to get into the top four.

They are currently ranked seventh with 7 wins, 7 draws, 4 losses and 28 points. This is not the form of a title contender, although they are only two points away from the fourth-ranked Leo, so they are confident that they will still qualify for the UEFA Champions League next season.

Just above them are the 29-year-old Real Sociedad and the five defending champions Atletico Madrid, also 29-year-old-under the leadership of Diego Simeone experienced a season of ups and downs.

Incredibly, the tenth-ranked Athletic Bilbao team is only 6 points away from the fourth-ranked Vallecano.

The relegation is not too surprising-Alaves, Cádiz and Levante are currently ranked third from the bottom.

At the same time, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Naples and Atalanta rank in the top four in Serie A.

Most people think that Inter Milan lost Romelu Lukaku in financial difficulties, and the club will also be in trouble, but they maintained their position under the leadership of new boss Simone Inzaghi, and Has reached the top of the list.

The Nerazzurri surpassed their local rival AC Milan (42 points) with 42 points. The latter has been in the lead for most of the season, but then there was an episode.

When they drew 1-1 last month, the two opponents could not be separated. This is expected to be a fascinating intercity battle. Milan is looking for the first title since 2011.

After winning Inter Milan’s runner-up last season, they hope to better grasp this this time.

Followed by Naples, they are 3 points behind Milan with 39 points. Luciano Spalletti’s team defeated Milan 1-0 this month, but it was their only victory in the past five games and is expected to rebound in January.

Atlanta has been a continuous challenger in the top four for the past few years, so it’s not shocking to see them occupy fourth place as we enter the break.

But for Juventus, it has been another turbulent year-and after getting their successful boss to replace the troubled Andrea Pirlo, they seem to have encountered that even Max Allegri could not solve it. The problem. They ranked fifth with 34 points, and the championship seemed out of reach. The top four will be their top priority.

In sixth place is Mourinho’s Roma, who are 14 points behind the top of the list and are facing a battle for a Champions League seat-although their impressive 4-1 victory in Atlanta gave them hope.

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