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Gunmen bombed oyo state prison setting inmate free.

One of the federal government correctional facilities has been attacked by an unknown gun men or rather terrorist in oyo state according to report,

the facility which was nicknamed Abolongo correctional facility was attacked and burnt on Friday night 22 October 2021 by the hoodlums.
It was reported that Abolongo correctional facility after being attacked , the gunmen freed the inmates.
According to the report it was gathered on Saturday morning that the unknown gunmen attacked the facility at about 10pm yesterday night.
It was also reported by an eye witness that the gun men used locally manufactured grenade to get access to the facility to free the inmates on Friday night.

Olanrewaju Anjorin who was the spokeman for Nigeria correctional service (NCS), confirmed the attack on the facility on Saturday afternoon.
In a telephone conversation with olanrewaju Anjorin, he give his word that the senior officers of the Agency is on their way to the scene to accertain the level of demage done on the facility.
In his word he said ” yes it has been confirmed that the attack actually happened.
And right now the comptroller of the Nigeria correctional service and other top officers are on top of the situation.
But am sure and can confirm that the attack really happened ..

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