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Ghislaine Maxwell Is Found Guilty of Aiding in Epstein’s S*x Abuse

A New York jury has judged that Ghislaine Maxwell is guilty of gathering and trafficking young girls for the late American financier, Jeffrey Epstein, to sexually abuse. 

The jury found 60-year-old Ghislaine Maxwell guilty on five of the six counts which she is facing. including the most serious charge, which is sex trafficking of minors. 

They gave this verdict after five full days of deliberation which 12-person jury did in New York, US. 

This means that Ghislaine Maxwell who is a British socialite could spend the rest of her life in prison but they have not set a date for her sentencing yet. 

The charges against Ghislaine MaxwellMaxwell is convicted on five counts: 

conspiracy to transport minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity 

conspiracy to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts 

conspiracy to commit sex trafficking

sex trafficking of minors transportation of minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity

Ghislaine Maxwell is one of the popular high society women in London and New York but now that jury has convicted her of grooming and trafficking minors and underaged girls, her status has been destroyed. 

She was born on Christmas Day in the year 1961. Three days later, a car which carried her 15-year-old brother, Michael Maxwell, crash into a lorry, which made her brother spend the remaining seven years of his life in coma. 

Her brother’s accident made Ghislaine’s parents pay less attention to her, it was like they had neglected her. Ghislaine’s mother, Betty later admitted in her memoir that after Michael’s accident, theu hardly gave a glance to baby Ghislaine because she and her husband were devastated. 

Her childhood life was not like other normal child’s life. Her sentence has not been officially declared by the court but will be announced most likely by January to February 2022.

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