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Freelance: 10 Post ideas for your social media networks

As a freelancer, communicating on social networks is essential to make yourself known, manage your image and deepen the relationship with your clients. But animating its pages regularly is not easy! You have to constantly find information and content useful to your community.

So, to help you, here are 10 post ideas to liven up your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok or Twitter pages!

1. Completed projects

Your first goal on social media, as a freelancer, is to improve your online reputation. You have to prove your skills and professionalism. The must? Share your latest projects!

You thus increase the confidence of your prospects, which can encourage certain conversions.

As you share your latest accomplishments, provide details about the mission.

What were the concept or the instructions? How did you work with the client to complete the project? What did he get at the end of your assignment (increase in turnover, number of prospects, site visits, etc.)?

2. Your latest offers

Have you added a new string to your freelance bow? Do you offer an exclusive promotion on a proposed service? Are you embarking on training? Share the news with your community.

This will help you gain qualified leads or convert some undecided ones!

3. A carousel of tips

Your community is hungry for tips and tricks. This is also one of the main reasons for their presence among your subscribers… Remember to prove your expertise and your skills by sharing good practices on your social networks.

To do this, use a rather efficient format: the carousel! You can publish a tutorial divided into steps or a top 5 of your best tips to solve a problem.

A carousel of tips

4. Live lessons

Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn allow you to stream live videos to further engage your community. Take the opportunity to offer courses or webinars to your audience.

Regarding the topics to discuss, identify the pain points recurring of your typical client or educate your audience on some “dark” topics of your profession.

You can then reuse these videos to support your content strategy. Add them to your YouTube channel or use them as a lead magnet to attract qualified leads.

5. Your clients’ achievements

Has your client just moved into new premises? Has the integrated a new feature on his site or application? Obtained funding? Hired a new employee? Publish it on your social networks!

Sharing the success of your customers indirectly involves you in it… Which is positive for your image! Moreover, by sharing your clients’ publications, you encourage them to do the same… and therefore to give you visibility.

Best of all, such a practice strengthens relationships with your customers.

6. Customer testimonials

Did a customer give you laurels? In addition to showcasing it on your website, post this testimonial on social media.

Make it an Instagram image with the client’s portrait and their comments on their collaboration with you.

7. Sector news

You need to show your ideal clients that you are keeping up with the news in your industry, as this allows you to tailor your offerings to the market.

Follow specialized blogs and media to share content that will interest your audience. You can directly re-share the links or transform them into computer graphics or micro-content.

The goal is to offer fresh, useful and relevant content to your community while positioning yourself as a benchmark in your market.

8. Content from other freelancers

Collaboration rather than the competition!

If another freelancer creates a resource that your clients can use, share it. Of course, tag it… It will be grateful and can give you visibility in return.

You do not have to share the content of your competitors, there are surely jobs that complement yours. For example, an SEO specialist may very well share a web editor’s article, which gives best practices for writing a meta description. Such information will surely be of interest to his community.

9. Your passions

It is important to show your community that you are not a workaholic. By sharing your passions, the last film seen in the cinema or the last book read, you humanize your communication and you create a link with your audience. It also helps to show your followers that you are cultivating yourself.

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10. Your “backstage”

What does your face look like when you’re in the middle of a performance? Does your office have cool items? Do you have a privileged place to work (café, co-working space, park, etc.)? Showing behind the scenes allows you to humanize your business while helping prospects to project themselves with you.

Use stories or lives to enhance your backstage and animate your community.

Here are 10 ideas that will help you animate and engage your community! The key to a successful social media strategy is to alternate between useful posts, human content, and entertaining information.

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