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“Footballers Are Promiscuous, I Can’t Marry One”-Nollywood Actress, Nneka Says

Stunning Canadian-based Nollywood actress, Nneka Adams desires to settle down with a man of her dreams, but definitely not one of several football players coveting her.

The mother of one told Daylight Sports that she doesn’t like footballers because they are promiscuous, and wouldn’t consider settling down with one of many currently trying to get under her skirt.

Nneka asserted that she no longer finds the prevalent situation funny, but rather largely embarrassing.

“I don’t know why all the men are desperate and only interested in wanting just one thing from you and that is sex, especially our Nigerian footballers,” lamented the beautiful actress who starred in Last Flight to Abuja and Chronicles of Ventata.

” I don’t want to mention names. Some of them are footballers whom I know are your close friends. May be any man I meet is attracted to me because of my big boobs and it’s really getting embarrassing.

“Some times they even call on phone asking me if my big boobs are natural and I tell them yes they natural and that I inherited it from my grandmother. Some will also call and tell me to name my price as if I were a prostitute, but I just laugh over it.

“I will be ready for marriage when I meet the right man but definitely not a footballer. I don’t like them, they are promiscuous. For now I am married to acting,” she declared.

Nneka thinks differently from other Nollywood actresses as she was recently quoted as saying she wouldn’t mind settling down with a poor man with visions and potential, and that can put value on her.

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