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FIFA To Makes Arab It’s Official Language

Recent reports have revealed that the Federation of International Football Association – FIFA is set to adopt Arab as one of its official languages.


This report was made by People’s Gazette and in the report, it was revealed that FIFA’S plans to make Arab one of its official languages are still under the proposal stages but soon,

hopefully, before the commencement of the 2022 FIFA world cup in Qatar, the proposal would be granted by the FIFA board members and committee.

If FIFA successfully adds the Arabic language to the list of its official languages, it would bring the total number of its Official languages to 5.

Apart from the proposed addition of the Arabic language, the other 4 already Official languages made by FIFA includes English, French, German and Spanish languages.

The world Football governing body made this announcement through the offsite and in honour of the inauguration of the 2021 FIFA Arab world cup in Qatar and United Nations Arabic Language day.

FIFA’S President, Infantino

An official statement made by FIFA’S President, Infantino, reads

” The decision of FIFA to add Arabic Language to its st of official Languages is one of the ways to mark the importance of the Arabic Languages and Countries in the world Football”

” This decision is a product of intense debate between the Arabs in the Middle East region and other parts of the world and the recently concluded FIFA Arab world cup gave about 23 Arab National teams the chance to unite and of course,

this tournament (FIFA Arab world cup) would promote Peace among the Arab nations in the world”.

FIFA made it clear that the proposal to add the Arabic Language as one of its officially spoken ones is for the importance of not just the Arab speaking people in the 20 Arabic nations but the millions of Arabians scattered all over the world.

Since FIFA was founded in 1906 and its headquarters was placed in Zurich, Switzerland, the organisation had worked tirelessly to improve the Football environment among its member countries.

The world football body, FIFA is currently working hard to improve its relationshiphi with the Arab countries after the hosting rights of the

2022 FIFA world cup was given to the Republic of Qatar making the Arab Nation, the first Middle East/Arab Country to host the largest Football tournament in the world.

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