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According to the information coming from the ICDA, The landmark judgement which evidently seeks to put history in its proper perspective has a lot going for a judicial effort to correct the abuses and distortions imposed on Nigeria people’s territorial integrity by the Colonial administrators.

In this regard I wish to commend the judiciary for standing true to its mandate, at least in this case, by daring to arbitrate on this case with all the angles of justice required.

May I congratulate His Royal Majesty, Gabaidu, Dr. Michael Idakwo Ame-Oboni II, Ata Igala and President Kogi State Traditional Council on this well deserved court victory. We rejoice with you, Gabaidu as you relish the restoration of your kingdom to its full legal capacity as affirmed by the High Court judgement. It was a claim rightly made by the Igala royal seat against the Federal Government with incontrovertible documental evidence backing it up.

Nations do not squabble over territories for the fun of it or to display bully mentality. The need to sustain existing territorial integrity, economic quest, demand for justice, territorial acquisition drive and others have been the motivation for such contentions. The request made by Ata Igala to the Federal Government of Nigeria via the Court for the return of a territory his forefathers leased out to the Colonial administrators is consistent with demand for justice, and nothing more.

It is in this regard I wish to call on our brothers and sisters in Ajaokuta, Lokoja and Koton Karfe to not get rankled by this development and resort to acts capable of disrupting the peace of the state. We all have history of existence and therefore should be fair in placing events to adjust to the trajectories of such past. We call on all Igala son’s and daughter’s to remain calm and be guided in their comments, utterances and reactions as they go about their lawful duties.

Nothing in the current geographical, demographic, administrative, and legal definitions and structures of Nigeria compels the subjugation of a territory by another or a people. In the same breath, nothing removes from a people who own their territory the right to operate in it on the terms of their socio-cultural and traditional administrative ideals.

The judgement should therefore be seen as an instrument that binds our ties of brotherhood far more than experienced so far. More importantly, the Igala people and their kith and kins in Ajaokuta, Lokoja, and Koton Karfe have been given the opportunity by this judgement to reunite and reclaim their prominence of strength and valour which made them resist imperialist invaders and preserve the kingdom’s territorial integrity.

Significantly, it is expected that the Federal Government through its relevant agencies will begin to review existing demographic structures to reflect the current realities as pronounced by the High Court.

We congratulate Igala nation and pray that our fortunes will continue to improve as we strive to reinforce our stakes in the Nigerian federation. We urge His Eminence, Gabaidu, the Ata Igala to not relent in his efforts to use legal means to reclaim other such territories unjustly annexed to other lands or endorsed to exist independently on Igala land by the colonialists.

Thank you and accept the assurance of ICDA best regards.

Long live Igala kingdom!
Long live Kogi State!!
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!


Alhaji Amodu Abubakar Sadiq,

National President ICDA.


Anioma Press.

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