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Famous Saints’ Prophecies About the Future of Russia

This article initially appeared on a brand new website in regards to the Christian renaissance in Russia, referred to as Russian Faith. Their introductory video is at finish of this text.

St. Anatole the Younger of Optina (1917) 

 “There might be a storm. And the Russian ship might be smashed to items. But individuals might be saved even on splinters and fragments. And not everybody will perish. One should pray, everybody should repent and pray fervently. And what occurs after a storm?

…There might be a relaxed.’

 At this everybody stated: ‘But there is no more ship, it is shattered to pieces; it has perished, everything has perished.’

‘It is not so,’ stated Batiushka. ‘A terrific miracle of God might be manifested. And all of the splinters and fragments, by the desire of God and His energy, will come collectively and be united, and the ship might be rebuilt in its magnificence and can go by itself manner as foreordained by God.

And this might be a miracle evident to everybody.” [Orthodox Russia, 1970, no. 1, p. 9].

St. Seraphim of Sarov  (+1833)

“Before the delivery of the Antichrist there might be a terrific, protracted conflict and a horrible revolution in Russia passing all bounds of human creativeness, for the bloodletting might be most horrible: the rebellions of Ryazan, Pugachev and the French revolution might be nothing compared with what’s going to happen in Russia.

Many people who find themselves trustworthy to the fatherland will perish, church property and the monasteries might be robbed; the Lord’s church buildings might be desecrated; good individuals might be robbed of their riches and killed, rivers of Russian blood will move…

But the Lord may have mercy on Russia and can convey her alongside the trail of nice sufferings to glory.”

St. John of Kronstadt (+1908)

 “I foresee the restoration of a robust Russia, nonetheless stronger and mightier than earlier than.

On the bones of those martyrs, bear in mind, as on a robust basis, will the brand new Russia we constructed – in line with the outdated mannequin; sturdy in her religion in Christ God and within the Holy Trinity! And there might be, in accordance with the covenant of the holy Prince Vladimir, a single Church!

Russian individuals have ceased to grasp what Rus’ is: it’s the footstool of the Lord’s Throne! The Russian individual should perceive this and thank God that he’s Russian”.

 “The Church will remain unshaken to the end of the age, and a Monarch of Russia, if he remains faithful to the Orthodox Church, will be established on the Throne of Russia until the end of the age.”[198]

Elder Aristocles of Moscow (+1918)

“An evil will shortly take Russia, and wherever this evil goes, rivers of blood will move. It will not be the Russian soul, however an imposition on the Russian soul. It will not be an ideology, nor a philosophy, however a spirit from hell. In the final days Germany might be divided.

France might be simply nothing. Italy might be judged by pure disasters. Britain will lose her empire and all her colonies and can come to nearly complete spoil, however might be saved by praying enthroned girls. America will feed the world, however will lastly collapse. Russia and China will destroy one another.

Finally, Russia might be free and from her believers will go forth and switch many from the nations to God.”

“Now we are undergoing the times before the Antichrist. But Russia will yet be delivered. There will be much suffering, much torture. The whole of Russia will become a prison, and one must greatly entreat the Lord for forgiveness. One must repent of one’s sins and fear to do even the least sin, but strive to do good, even the smallest. For even the wing of a fly has weight, and God’s scales are exact. And when even the smallest of good in the cup tips the balance, then will God reveal His mercy upon Russia.”

St John of Shanhai and San Francisco (1938)

“Shake away the sleep of despondency, O sons of Russia! Behold the glory of her struggling and be purified; wash yourselves out of your sins! Be strengthened within the Orthodox Faith, in order to be worthy to dwell within the dwelling of the Lord and to decide on His holy mountain!

Leap up, leap up, come up, O Russia, you who from the Lord’s palms have drunk the cup of His wrath!

When your struggling shall have ended, your righteousness shall go together with you and the glory of the Lord shall accompany you. The peoples shall come to your gentle, and kings to the shining which shall rise upon you.

Then Lift up your eyes and see: behold your kids come to you from the West and the North and the Sea and the East, blessing you in Christ perpetually.Amen” [Ibid, p. 94].

That’s not all of the Saints needed to say about Russia. Read the complete model at Russian Faith!

A video introducing Russian Faith

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