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Experts Recommend Treatment To Prevent Early Miscarriage

Women all over the world who bleed during early pregnancy or who have had at least one miscarriage can get treated with the hormone progesterone. 

This new guide was released by health watchdog, NICE, and it was based on research that suggested that the treatment could make women give birth to 8,450 children every year in the United Kingdom. 

The higher the number of miscarriages a woman has had, the more the progesterone will work. This was recorded from the trial. The hormone, which happens naturally, helps to arrange the womb for a child who would grow in it. 

After five miscarriages, a woman who is identified as Josie is pregnant. It has been 15 weeks and is her sixth pregnancy. This is her longest pregnancy so far, and while it is difficult to know whether it was truly her progesterone treatment that caused her to have a long pregnancy, the big difference is from how she is feeling now. 

“If this thing is what will make it OK for us, it is just a miracle.

What we wanted ever since was to become a father and a mother. So to finally come this far and to get the opportunity to get the progesterone treatment, it has given us hope which we cannot be able to describe” Josie revealed.

About one out of five women have experienced bleeding, or spotting as some people call it in thw first 12 weeks of their pregnancy. The bleeding or spotting does not cause problems most times , but health experts give advises to the women to check out their problems with their doctor or midwife to be surem Some women can Still be able t9 experience threatened miscarriage when they bleed as they are pregnant. 

Health experts tell some of the women to go to their home, and wait a little so they would see what would happen next. The new National Institute for Health and Care (NICE) had recommended to insert progesterone pessaries in the v*gina two times a day. And that was what the doctors in Birmingham Women’s Hospital prescribed for Josie.

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