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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Halloween

Celebrations, parties and festivals are some of the major events which give immense Joy to human beings and the opportunity to relate to or meet people from different backgrounds and families.

There are lots of festivals celebrated in different parts of the world but there are Popular ones which could be seen as international festivals and one of them is the “Halloween celebration” which comes up annually in October.

Historians pointed out that the ancient Celtic people who participated in the Halloween celebration did so because they believed that this celebration would keep spirits away from their families. This means that Popular negative beings like Witches, ghosts, goblins and evil spirits were linked with the celebration.

Despite how Popular the Halloween celebration is, many people do not know its history, value and how it could change things around them but this article would reveal the history and Importance of the Halloween celebration.Every Halloween season, Ancient Samhain people prepare special materials such as Torches made from stick flames, scary and face-covering costumes.

According to historians, Pope Gregory III chose November 1 in the ancient 7th century to honour all saints. Soon, All Saints Day took over some of the traditions of Samhain people and its name was changed to Halloween eve.

The evening before was known as All Hallows Eve, and later Halloween. Over time, Halloween evolved into a day of activities like trick-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, festival related gatherings, preparation of costumes.

Reports show that Halloween has been around for over 10 centuries, that Is, more than a thousand years. Originally a religious observance, when Halloween was originally introduced, it was a normal annual religious festival but as Years went by, it became a normal fun festival and today, it is mostly celebrated by children.

In our modern time, October 31st is the chosen date for the celebration of Halloween and even though Halloween celebration is a fun event,  there are a few Importance that could be attached to it and they include:-

– Halloween helps to eliminate shyness in children or youths as they would interact freely with their Peers.

– People would easily connect, make friends and bond with their mates from different backgrounds.

– As Halloween brings different people together, co-operation and Unity is boosted in any environment where it is been practised.

– The festival would open the eyes of many people and certain misconceptions about the festival would be eliminated from the minds of people.

–  Knowledge about the history of the festival and many other realities of Life would be passed from a person to another.

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