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English Premier League Makes Adjustments To It’s 2022/2023 Season Dates

The recent Football event which is ongoing is the FIFA World Cup qualifications and of course, this affects the English Premier League season matches as most players exit their Clubs to get featured for their national teams.

Due to the incoming 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar which would affect the matches in the

European Football leagues, the English premier league had decided to make some adjustments on the next 2022/2023 League season.

According to a report from Sky Sports, the English Premier League ( EPL) 2022/23 season

to start on 6 August 2022 which would be followed by a Mid-season break between November 14 and December 26 because of the

Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup; after the World Cup has been concluded, English Premier League matches would be continued and would finally end on the 23rd of May, 2023.

The Premier League tournament would hold use 34 weeks for matches with a normal international break around June.

Recent reports revealed that FIFA proposed holding a World Cup every two years but despite
how Football fans welcomed the proposal, the English Premier League clubs opposed the biennial World Cup plan.

English Premier League clubs have stated they’re apart from the proposed 2-year world Cup plan, they are not also in support of the extended international breaks from the year, 2024.

The owners of the top 20 football teams gathered in London on Thursday to discuss the new decision made and concluded that

the English Premier League league had the move on the grounds of player welfare, the fan experience, pre-season preparations and competition quality.

During the emergency meeting held in London by the English Premier League clubs, the chief executive Richard Masters of the EPL said:

“The English Premier League is committed to preventing any radical changes to the post-2024 FIFA international match calendar that would

adversely affect player welfare and threaten the competitiveness, calendar, structures and traditions of domestic football”.

Former Arsenal FC manager, Arsene Wenger who is now FIFA’s Chief of Global Football Development made a statement and it reads,

” The English Premier League is in support of new Football ideas but it would be necessary if the world Football body, FIFA create a

balance between international national team
competitions and League tournaments to

create a balance for football leagues and the welfare of the Players who participate in these matches.

Due to the proposed changes to men’s football, qualifying matches would be reduced to one or at most two international breaks, rather than the current five.

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