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#EndSars: The Greatest Mark Of Failure Of A Leader~ OBY EZEKWESILI:

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I cannot think of what amounts to a greatest mark of failure of a Leader than an abiding inability to know when their Citizens have truly had enough on an issue.

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I think President Buhari is fatally underestimating the seriousness of young citizens on #EndSARSImmediately.

The decision before the C-in-C is clear:

  1. Approve that IGP responds to the young citizens’ agitation to #EndSARSImmediately, because anything less shows lack of responsive and responsible governance.
    There’s zero public trust in any promise of SARS reform.
  2. I repeat, my constant refrain from yesterday’s submission to the IGP.
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Police officers must be ordered to desist from any new acts of suppression of the rights and assault on dignity of life of #EndSARSImmediately protesters.

You cannot beat a child and ban crying.

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Our solidarity goes to all the young Citizens leading themselves in protests across the Land to demand appropriate action from their government to

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Kudos to you all.
We cheer you on. ✍🏾