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#ENDSARS: Founder Of La Vida Foundation Backs Harrison Gwamnishu To Be the Youths Representative In Delta State

The Founder Of La Vida Foundation has backed Harrison Gwamnishu of BBI To represent the Youth of Delta State in the judicial panel of inquiry on police brutality and has pleaded with every youth of Delta State to lend their support to the young man who has dedicated his life to fight for the voiceless youths in Nigeria

“Greetings Great Youths Of Delta State”

“Greetings Harrison Gwamnishu”

“I’m writing you openly as a daughter of the soil and a Voice To The Voiceless”

“I saw a letter of from you stating your resignation from the Judicial Panel Of Inquiry On Police Brutality Delta State”

“Please return back there immediately, do not listen to what people who doesn’t mean well for our youth say, who else is a better choice than you who has been risking your life and fighting for justice over the years with good track record 💯”

“Please my Delta Youths, let’s keep our differences aside and speak with one Voice if we really want our demands to be meant, we need to be inside if we must work”

“The government can not choose who we want, only we can choose and my Choice is Harrison”

“I had just one misunderstanding with the said young man because I listened to the wrong people, immediately after that incident I did my investigations on him and found out he is not as bad as potrayed”

“No man is perfect, we all have our own faults that makes us Humans💯”

“If the problem is because of the sitting allowance that the government gave, we all saw he returned and resigned immediately due to his good principles and dedication to fighting injustice not just in Delta State alone, but Nigeria as a Country”

“Great Youth if we don’t want him to receive allowance from the government, then let’s come together and donate for him simple, he has a family, he has needs, he must be taking care of so he can do the work well.”

“I am a very practical woman and I don’t go back and do cheap talks that is why they call me a rebel and I don’t care what people say🤷”

“Please help me pass and share to every youth in Delta State, let’s come together and endorse Harrison Gwamnishu💯”

“Go through his records on all social platforms and see for yourself”

“I Vida Modelo, Founder La Vida Foundation Endorse Harrison Gwamnishu To Be Our Youth Representative ✊”



“Warm Regards
Vida Modelo
Founder La Vida Foundation🙏”

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