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Edwise International – Study Abroad Consultants: How to make it through exam season.



The exam is around the corner and
many students get too stressed up. Exams bring mixed feelings and anxiety but
you are not the only one who feels this. Many people go through a tough time.
Some students deal with tons of coffee, all-nighters, lack of social life.
Looking at the brighter side, after exams there’s always a holiday and soon you
will get to enjoy those beautiful times. Here are some guidelines on how to
study during exam time, how to keep your mind calm and to be motivated.


Manage wisely: This is the most important tip. One needs to plan a whole day’s
schedule until exams end. Write down on the sticky notes, on a calendar,
planner. It will be good to write down every minute detail. Also make notes of
your exam date, time and location and pin them on the wall. This is better than
stressing over that you have forgotten your timetable because your phone had a
glitch. Make notes of important notes that your professor tells you. These
notes will help you work easily and accordingly. Divide the subjects or

Payback yourself: After completing one topic or a subject reward yourself by
taking a short break or treating yourself with little chocolate. This will help
you in motivating yourself to study more. You can do more things to spice it
up. Don’t forget to pat yourself at the back after completing each task

Study in Group: Studying in a group with all your friend can ease the
exam pressure and make the study fun. Even if you are a lone wolf who likes to
study alone still reach out to your friend during this intense period. It will
motivate you as well as your friends. Discussing topics or subjects with each
other can also make you learn faster. There might be some difficulties in
understanding some topics, studying in a group can also clear many doubts.
Sometimes studying in a group can be a distraction as well but it all depends
entirely on your friend group. 

Efficient sleep: worry about the exam is ok but not sleeping and working
intensely is not ok. We all need sufficient sleep to make our bodies work
healthily and properly. One can pull up nighters but the next day you will feel
drained and in this way, you will miss out on your study. Your body needs to
refuel from the exhaustion. It is better to wake up early than not to sleep at

Never worry about what others doing: Sometimes someone might behave
completed more portion than you at that time you get more panicked. All you
need to focus on yourself and your studies. They might have different methods for
studying and it be may be helpful for them but it is not necessary it will be
useful for you. So just stick to your gun. 

Avoid Junks: During exams, we get so indulge in our curriculum we
forget to eat our meals and all we crave is some junk food. Eating junk will
make you sluggish and unmotivated which will end up not completing your studies
on time. Rather than eating junk food stick to some whole grain and fresh
vegetables which is healthy. 

Relax by exercising: first of all, in between your
paybacks, you need to do little meditation to relax your mind before jumping to
another subject or topic. You can add more exercise to the schedule, it is the
best revision tool. It gives you energy and alert. Most importantly it helps
you release your stress. 


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